Comments - COPO Camaro Convertible Makes SEMA Debut

Published: Oct 31, 2012
Description: Chevrolet is coming to SEMA fully loaded, with this Inferno Orange COPO Camaro Convertible representing one of the more eye-catching models of its comprehensive lineup. 69 COPO Camaro race cars were b...
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David Jones-Richerson Nov 01, 2012
You need to be redlining in your highest gear when you pass the 1/4 mile. 3 speeds give you a good power from the start and enough shifts to keep insane acceleration while not wasting time
Dylan Bruder Oct 31, 2012
Strength they are monsters and you don't need to constantly change gear you lose time during the shifts
Jordan Smith Oct 31, 2012
Why do drag cars almost always have two or three speed transmissions?
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
Yeah BUT these trannys are made for drag racing only.
Miguel Jimenez Nov 02, 2012
@Michael you should do your research before asking stupid questions.
Miguel Jimenez Nov 02, 2012
@Michael it's a tribute to the 68/69 COPO Camaro.
Michael Dunn Nov 02, 2012
What is the point of this stupid ass car?
Shelby Cassandra Nov 01, 2012
@David. Last years coupe ran a high 8. Does it really matter that this is a convertible if it does what it is supposed to do extremely well as it is?
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
They already have a coupe drag car. Why not a convertible? This is still fast as shit. It doesn't matter what you think. This is for drag racing and only a few of these will sell anyways.
David Hicks Nov 01, 2012
And Patrick, I'm struggling to find the "function" in a convertible drag car.
David Hicks Nov 01, 2012
Convertible drag car? GOOD JOKE!
Axel Larsson Oct 31, 2012
If this is purely for drag racing, which I understand it should be, then why make it a convertible? Seems stupid to me.
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
*Aren't going for a look. Damn phone
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
Yeah what the hell is wrong with you guys? You realize this is for drag racing right? They are really going for a look. All function. Those wheels are probably light as hell.
Paul Trahan Oct 31, 2012
Thank you Shelby. Finally someone understands the point of the car.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 31, 2012
You morons do understand that this "waste" runs a 9 second 1/4 mile? Yes, that beats the GT-R.
Tyler Ray DeFord Oct 31, 2012
3 speed? What a waste of a good engine.
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 31, 2012
For what, why because we all do stupid things to our cars. Somethings work some don't they just got a lot more money to be stupid with
Bobby Montoya Oct 31, 2012
That car is ugly to me just saying
Garrett Hullender Oct 31, 2012
Those wheels look awful
Redge Diakité Oct 31, 2012
I don't like THE wheels ok if you want Mickey Thomson tires but THE rims are ugly
David Parenti Oct 31, 2012
Yeah Cobra Jets too. Convertible? No
Ben Mossing Oct 31, 2012
Not a fan, it's to flamboyant.. The original COPOs didn't have COPO written all over it, they where more secretive, and you couldn't just go and buy one, you either had to be a racer or know someone who works for chevy.
Description: Only 12 units feature this striking shade of Inferno Orange Metallic paint, with other finishes including Black, Velvet Red and Silver Ice Metallic. It also features additional custom graphics and spe...
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Shelby Cassandra Oct 31, 2012
Demand really isn't that high. The dealer I bought my mustang at had a cobra jet for 3 months. Reason? These cost like 90k or more and racers usually build their own cars.
Brad Henson Oct 31, 2012
Really? they thought 69 would be enough? Of course demand would be high
David Parenti Oct 31, 2012
I want to feel the wind in my hair! Except I'm wearing a helmet....