Comments - 1940 Ford Body Released at SEMA

Published: Oct 31, 2012
Description: The iconic 1940 Ford Coupe - known simply as the '40 Ford - is the latest addition to the Blue Oval's catalog of all-steel reproduction car bodies and will be on display at the SEMA show thi...
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Erik Scherer Nov 06, 2012
12 grand? Is for a chassis also? Just curious.....
David Jefferis Nov 01, 2012
Sweet - well done Ford.
Grant Paquin Oct 31, 2012
Nice touch. Very interesting;)
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
That's awesome. Kudos to Ford. All of the Big 3 should do this to certain models.
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Oct 31, 2012
That's pretty good
Cory Allen Oct 31, 2012
Ford, I applaud you!
Ian Ragsdale Nov 03, 2012
Very cool. I like that hood is drilled for the original bright work. You gotta love the sound of an original flathead v8 too.
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2012
Nice! This is sweet! It'd be so fun to build one!
Description: A recessed firewall is also available for those looking to fit a larger, more modern powertrain. Fully built, copper-colored and packing a 5.0-liter V8, four-speed automatic transmission, Mustang II f...
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Gerry Quiff Nov 01, 2012
Thats just a wonderful shape.
Jimmy Bartolotta Nov 03, 2012
Great just sucked when the batteries died for the doors after driving for a bit. You'd have to reach down to pull the switch to open the doors and 9 times out of 10 you burnt yourself on the pipes lol
Jimmy Bartolotta Nov 03, 2012
Cody, I'm only 19 and I love these cars. We're out there, but it's rare lol. My grandpa used to have a black 40 Ford. Had the flathead too. Only thing was it was a hot rod. Shaved door handles, old school side pipes, "triple nipple" carbs. It was
Harpreet Ahluwalia Nov 01, 2012
People don't realize how hard it is to make metal flow like that
Cody Johnston Oct 31, 2012
thats exactly what i thought. im 18 but i cant believe no one cares for things like this (in my age group)
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 31, 2012
Not one kid comment, this is real steal kids if you know anything about cars that's really nice to look at