Comments - VW Reveals Beetle Lineup for SEMA

Published: Oct 30, 2012
Description: Volkswagen has presented a variety of customized Beetles for this week's SEMA Show, with no less than six models showcasing how to best modify the Bug. Kicking off the lineup is the Azure Blue Me...
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Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 01, 2012
Nice wheels! Anyone knows what wheels are them?
Alvaro Perez Oct 30, 2012
Some how they made this car into a badass
Jordan Jackson Oct 30, 2012
The wheels definitely make this car, lol
Andrew Palmer Oct 30, 2012
I dig, but they still haven't gotten away from the chick car stigma... I'd roll in it...I guess when the periphery is blurred you don't care if they're laughing at u
David Parenti Oct 30, 2012
It's not pretty but it's fast. Love hate relationship.
Victor Pitts Oct 30, 2012
Boy is this thing cool?! I love what VW has done lately.
David Parenti Oct 30, 2012
It would kill your 80's 944. This car would eat your cars lunch
Dillon Dixon Oct 30, 2012
Now that's a drivetrain I would want to match the awesome new styling! I would drive this in a heartbeat
David Parenti Oct 30, 2012
500hp is crazy for the beetle
Description: The result is a significant boost in output to 500 hp, which is suitable managed by fitting a 4MOTION all-wheel drive system pinched from the Golf R, an upgraded Haldex all-wheel drive race controlle...
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Noah Gavurin Oct 30, 2012
i could get a honda civic to go faster than a porsche, but at the end of the day, its still a civic
Noah Gavurin Oct 30, 2012
but at the end of the day, you're still driving a VW beetle
Sebastian Grey Oct 30, 2012
All those upgrades are sweet. I'd drive this in a heartbeat.
Bill Estep Jr Oct 30, 2012
Wow 500 hp that's sweet
Description: Performance enhancements, including a larger Revo Technik turbocharger, software upgrade, and intake and exhaust system, bumps output to around 400 hp. FMS Automotive is also displaying a fully restor...
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David Parenti Oct 31, 2012
Forreal this car looks fine with the wheels. Not ever car needs to have staggered wheels.
Tobias Mersinger Oct 31, 2012
My favourite, so stylish..
Isaias Almanza Oct 31, 2012
A modern Cali Style Beetle... Very nice.
Phil Johnson Oct 31, 2012
Offset is measured in mm, back spacing is measured in inches
Cooper Branham Oct 31, 2012
He means closer to a negative offset.
Phil Johnson Oct 30, 2012
What do you mean they aren't offset? Staggered? Low offset? I don't get it. Offset is a measurement.
John Atnip Oct 30, 2012
Change the green to a red or a blue, and it would look a bit better. Green isn't good for two tones...
David Parenti Oct 30, 2012
Two tone old school
Phil Johnson Oct 30, 2012
I like this. But I also think I could grow to hate it over time. If that makes sense.
Description: A lowered suspension and 20-inch "vintage Porsche" three-piece alloys complete the look. Bringing up the rear is the Rotiform Beetle wrapped in matte grey aluminum, which has been modified w...
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Andrew Palmer Oct 30, 2012
Best of the binch
Sebastian Grey Oct 30, 2012
Why isn't it sticker bombed yet?
Jared Michael Scalla Oct 30, 2012
Hellaflush got ahold of it
Joe Delaney Oct 30, 2012
Apparently, there are some people who know thing about the VW tuning scene...
Andrew Palmer Oct 30, 2012
Don't they have the beetle cup series in Europe?
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 30, 2012
Thanks victor and it looks swweeet!!
Victor Pitts Oct 30, 2012
Bags people, bags.
Aaron Crisp Oct 30, 2012
I hate cambered wheels!
Jerrod Swenson Oct 30, 2012
How does the fuel feeder pipe clear those wheels?
Patrick Schalk Oct 30, 2012
That's the gayest thing ever.
Dillon Dixon Oct 30, 2012
I this had a similar two tone as the beach one, but keep this blue, I would be in love. This color with a white or black two tone would look sick!
Sam Coppinger Oct 30, 2012
Wow, the new 911 almost looks a little....oh wait, this is a Beetle