Comments - VW Introduces New Santana for China

Published: Oct 30, 2012
Description: Go pretty much anywhere in the world and you can expect to see the Volkswagens Golf on the road. But Volkswagen also makes certain models specific to local markets. Like the new Gol it recently introd...
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Alex Renaud Oct 30, 2012
Note to Editor: "... expect to see Volkswagen's Golf..."
Matt Piccolo Oct 30, 2012
I agree, I liked the new passat when they released it, but then they released 5 other cars that looked the same!
Wmg Chinchilla Oct 30, 2012
VW's design language is so boring these days.
Description: But after 29 years on sale, it has grown a little long in the tooth, to say the least. Hence the all-new second-generation model released today at its global headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. A litt...
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Matt Piccolo Oct 30, 2012
That's what I'm reading lol
Description: Power comes from one of two naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engines: a 1.4 with 90 metric horsepower and a 1.6 with 110. Features like ABS, airbags, electronic stability system, automatic climate co...
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Tyler Ray DeFord Oct 30, 2012
Exactly. Santana made Paul Reed Smith famous.
Barry Stewart Oct 30, 2012
Santana plays Paul Reed Smith guitars, never seen him play Gibson though.
Tracy Keiser Dron Oct 30, 2012
That's uglier then any North American vw models...
Mohammad AL-sulimani Oct 31, 2012
It's looks like Mitsubishi lancer.
Zac D'Anna Oct 30, 2012
Are they unveiling a new model or started an army of them?