Comments - DRT: Super Drag Race in Poland

Published: Oct 30, 2012
Description: Going head-to-head in a quarter-mile drag race is one of the most thrilling rushes of adrenaline a driver can get. The guys at AutoKult in Poland evidently agree wholeheartedly, which is why they rece...
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William Downs Oct 31, 2012
Well the video is wrong just like the article, u wanna believe them go sheath obviously u can't the difference then, exige is only offered in a solid roof configuration, plus that car is missing the spoiler
Walker Carroll Oct 30, 2012
The video clearly says it is an exige.
Daniel Eads Oct 30, 2012
Not really sure how carbuzz and the video got it wrong but it's an Elise not an Exige.
Description: Shot in glorious HD towards the middle of last month at Motorpark Ulez, the cars drove hard and the race was quite close. Check out the video below to see which car made it across the finish first.
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Bakuta Zmaj Nov 05, 2012
@Sam Cat Its a Exige! But I think that he is heavier...
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Nov 03, 2012
The lotus has a top speed of under 150. Drag racing is not its thing. But get it around some sharp corners and it would be fantastic!
Matthew Rydzewski Nov 01, 2012
They arent using horsepower as a unit. So their claim is probably correct. How could you get that wrong?
Sam Cat Nov 01, 2012
That is a Lotus Elise, not an Exige. More likely 180hp than what they claim. How do they get that wrong.
Sam Hansen Oct 31, 2012
I don't understand why they didn't use the new GT500 Mustang. It's substantially faster!
Joe Marasa Oct 31, 2012
Wtf!! No viper Hennessy? Not even a base model SRT!?!?
Tyler Tarbox Oct 31, 2012
@Brian. You're right about Ligenfelter. They turn the Z06 in to a compete animal that will maul pretty much every car it goes up against at the light
Zeus Mocha Oct 30, 2012
12s for a modded Z06? No. This video kinda sucked. Should've just shown the damn races without all the camera gimmicks.
Patrick Schalk Oct 30, 2012
Those are shit time for those Corvettes. These turds need to learn how to drive these things.
Brendan Bell Oct 30, 2012
I was rooting for the Audi. I love that car
Colby Church Oct 30, 2012
Z06 over all. Period.
Michael Riley Oct 30, 2012
Not as Super as I was hoping :/
Oleg Odessit Oct 30, 2012
What was Lotus doing there? Why Porsche cabrio????
Brian Johnston Oct 30, 2012
One word lingenfelter. This wasn't even a competition. Their corvettes are crazy. A good drag would be lingenfelter vs Calloway vs. henessey.
Brandon Carr Oct 30, 2012
They should have used the zl1 but they just used the SS.
Matt Piccolo Oct 30, 2012
For me id take the Audi, then lotus, Porsche, ford then I geuss vette and zl1
Jason Smith Oct 30, 2012
Put them on a short, twisty track and the Lotus would eat them all alive.....
Dylan Bruder Oct 30, 2012
Those z's should have been in the 11's easy maybe the track was poor?
Dale McIntyre Oct 30, 2012
Kinda disappointing that they used cars that run 12's and 13's even after somewhat extensive modding
Andre Suyono Oct 30, 2012
Not a really match drag
John Serely Oct 30, 2012
The 911 looks great
Carlton Salmon Oct 30, 2012
@ Jörgen. It is an Elise.
Jörgen Nilsson Oct 30, 2012
Exige is a coupe, right? Then this should be an Elise.
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
I think I read it as black tires not back lol
Matt Piccolo Oct 31, 2012
@ Patrick, oh I totally missed that he said "back tires" lol,
Tyler Tarbox Oct 31, 2012
This thing is sick.
Zeus Mocha Oct 30, 2012
Holly crud they are meaty as shiza
Patrick Schalk Oct 30, 2012
Matt he means that he likes how big the back tires are. As in how wide.
Pablo Herasme Oct 30, 2012
This is just mean
Matt Piccolo Oct 30, 2012
I think u mean those black wheels, not tires lol
Jordan Smith Oct 30, 2012
Those back tires... Mmmmm.
Dillon Dixon Oct 30, 2012
Damn that looks good!
Tyler Tarbox Oct 31, 2012
Not usually a fan of the Camaro's looks, but this is great
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 31, 2012
@jared awd plus the fact that the Shelby they used has notoriously poor traction
Jared Michael Scalla Oct 31, 2012
How did this hold against the cobra?
Daniel Eads Oct 31, 2012
Patrick, you do realize that the z06 costs at least 40k more then both of them right?
Patrick Schalk Oct 30, 2012
You guys can have those and I'll be raping you in that Z06.
Brendan Bell Oct 30, 2012
Forget the Elise. I'll take this and that's all.
Matt Piccolo Oct 30, 2012
I'd take this and the Elise
Tyler Tarbox Oct 31, 2012
1969 was the best C3
Tim Puckett Oct 30, 2012
This is pretty sweet but I'd prefer a 68-73 c3
Brian Johnston Oct 30, 2012
This with the l88 though. Alittle 454 or 427. Love these c3's
Joseph Flieder Oct 30, 2012
I'm right there with you Fawaz