Comments - Cars That Changed The World: Jeep Cherokee

Published: Oct 30, 2012
Description: Jeep quite literally invented the sport utility vehicle with the Cherokee. Not only was it the first vehicle of its type, but it was Jeep's marketing people who invented the term. It is a vehicle...
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Jake Marra Nov 01, 2012
Thats one of my old whips!! 1990 jeep cherokee pioneer with the inline 6!!!
Morgan Marcella Oct 30, 2012
Well I expected a 4x4 so yeah...
Dylan Bruder Oct 30, 2012
Didn't expect this next
Description: The SUV might have risen to prominence in the Nineties, but the Cherokee can trace its lineage all the way back to 1963. It was in this year that Jeep first unveiled the Wagoneer, a 4x4 with a raised ...
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David Justice Oct 30, 2012
I love me some Wagoneer!
Description: Nonetheless, those who lived in areas where some kind of truck was needed loved finally having the option of a vehicle which was actually comfortable. The Wagoneer would prove so popular that it would...
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Patrick Schalk Oct 30, 2012
BUT Justin, the Willys Jeep was out before those. And no this wasn't "rubbish". This car did exactly what it was meant to do and did it well. These are still HIGHLY sought after among offroad enthusiasts.
Kyle Malcomson Oct 30, 2012
America isn't the world this car might have changed a Mercia lol, but the world knew it was rubbish
Justin Routh Oct 30, 2012
So this wasnt the first then. Bronco and scout were out before this
Michael Page Oct 30, 2012
Lets not ignore the flat six like that, it was damn durable and was the most powerful (torque) six for much of its very long life.
Matty Michaels Oct 30, 2012
Oooooo this ones got the levitate option!
James McMahon Oct 30, 2012
I wish I was riding shotgun lol
Michael Davidson Oct 30, 2012
That's pretty awesome. And good timing.
Description: It was the first vehicle to win Four Wheeler magazine's Achievement Award, which would later become the Four Wheeler of the Year Award. The highly capable off-roader with a car interior made for ...
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Description: This also brought with it more carlike handling and improved fuel economy. The Cherokee was seen as a way to have it all, and for the first time, a 4x4 vehicle was replacing standard cars for the aver...
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Alec Lindgren Nov 26, 2012
what I see every day lol
Austin Goodman Oct 31, 2012
Looks the same as any 80s-90s american car interior.
Jerrod Swenson Oct 30, 2012
Nothing said 80s malaise like a car painted teal.
Description: It was with this generation that the Grand Cherokee (essentially a replacement for the aging Wagoneer, introduced in 1993) would debut, adding a bit more practicality and with it, more market appeal. ...
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Description: The Ford Explorer probably deserves some credit for making the SUV the family vehicle of choice, but this never would have happened had the Cherokee not paved the way. It is also the vehicle which mad...
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William Downs Oct 30, 2012
Bs the liberty renegade was a beast, I have a good friend that had one lifted, was like a tank, then he sold it and got gto and a new grand Cherokee
Ryan Rainville Oct 30, 2012
Ruin so that swayed my choice
Ryan Rainville Oct 30, 2012
The liberty is gay jeep will never be able to do it right again like the did with the Cherokee and cj through tj I almost bought a Cherokee over my Yj but the Yj was a little more compact and has a shorter wheel base and there's no interior for me to
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2012
Yeah these things can actually hold their value because people are always looking for XJs
Austin Goodman Oct 31, 2012
I would love to buy one of these as a beater
Austin Goodman Oct 31, 2012
I love this body style. You just can't not like it
Michael Davidson Oct 30, 2012
In my town, every offroader started off with something just like that.
Description: Liberty sales were in decline for years, and Jeep seems to be hoping that reviving the old nameplate will bring back some of the customers they have lost. This is possible, but no matter what, the Che...
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David Parenti Oct 30, 2012
Or you could just buy a Sherman tank.
David Justice Oct 30, 2012
Here we go! If I had the time and cash, I'd like to fix up a Wagoneer.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Oct 30, 2012
The cherokee was my first car. It was a 2.5 D and a soecial edition of 60 years ... And i loved it so muuch!! It was rubbish for drive but it had something ... It was... A great car