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Published: Oct 03, 2012
Description: Aston Martin is preparing a facelift for the "four-door sports car" known as the Rapide. The initial speculation was that Gaydon was preparing a substantially enhanced Rapide S, however it n...
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porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
beautiful aston
porschyis.junk Aug 02, 2013
my favorite aston
Brendon Davis Oct 09, 2012
From the back I would've said "Ah, an older Rapide." But the front screams the new "DB9". More like the Virage. But it does look better. I've seen the Rapide in person and was already damn impressed with the 2009 I saw. This just makes a truly sexy car look.. well, sportier. And a bit sexier.
Jay Kolvenbag Oct 04, 2012
I'd wonder if you can see the performance specs on a test-car if you do a license plate check on one of those sites
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Oct 03, 2012
Yeah but the Aston just looks sooo much better, hard to justify the price if your going for performance but for beauty this has it hands down... For me I'd go with a s65!
Cody Gillard Oct 03, 2012
Wow its magic nothing changed at all but thats astons design fault
John Serely Oct 03, 2012
Best looking 4 door IMO, but I wouldn't want one. For the price, it's not fast enough. Less than 475hp and 5 seconds 0-60? Give me a Maserati Q-GT S...actually, a panamera turbo s would suffice
Matt Boye Oct 03, 2012
This car is dirty as hell
Paul Dickey Oct 03, 2012
Don't think I like the bigger grille either
Paul Dickey Oct 03, 2012
Not a fan of the headlights
Description: The facelift incorporates a new front bumper with a larger grille and a redesigned air intake underneath. The revised tail end is punctuated yb a new rear spoiler. The updated style reflects that of t...
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Quinn Rogers Jan 05, 2013
The fastest car I've been in is a 2012 Audi a6 with 310 hp. That feels pretty fast so having a car with a v12 and 470 hp would probably feel really fast if u actually drove it. It might not look fast on paper but its quicker than most cars on theroad
Ian Voegtlin-Potter Nov 24, 2012
I'm worried! The old one was perfect and I belive in the saying: "Don't mess with success!" I hope they don't mess it up....
Zaire Wilkins Oct 04, 2012
of course you will brock the M5 is performance and speed oriented but thats why they have a RAPIDE-S with 530+hp
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 04, 2012
While you we're complaining about this Astons performance #'s. All the girls in the room took their panties off and jumped in the Aston. Astons are for looks and sex appeal. Not piss contests for whose car is faster. Aston = Sex... M5 = bro loving..
Brock Zager Oct 04, 2012
This is just sad my M5 will smoke this come on Aston step your game up I drive a 2006 M5 and it is 100k cheaper and will own this
Clinton R. Burger Oct 03, 2012
Tn brings up a good point, I'm not complaining about 470 hp in a sedan but a V12 that's only pumping out 470 seems like a lot of added weight with no power.
Tn Ng Oct 03, 2012
Very nice sedan, but 6.0 liter V12 and only pumping out 470hp? Wth
Ryan Parramore Oct 05, 2012
Why does this look like a Fusion >:-)
statusone Oct 04, 2012
sooo they made it look like a db9...
Lead Peddalin Oct 04, 2012
Not a Vanquish, but still beautiful.
Thibault Leroy Oct 03, 2012
Minor changes read the last page
Garrett Hullender Oct 03, 2012
What's the difference
Steve Gotan Oct 10, 2012
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Cory Allen Oct 04, 2012
It's dirty! Aaaaahhhh!