Comments - Hyundai Gears Up for WRC Return

Published: Oct 03, 2012
Description: When Hyundai revealed the new i20 rally car at the Paris Motor Show, it wasn't just a car it was unveiling. It represented a fundamental shift in its motor racing program that will bring the Kore...
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Bryan Wesly Pascual Oct 03, 2012
I wish Quattro will return in WRC
Description: That means a 1.6-liter turbocharged four driving around 300 horsepower to all four wheels through a sequential gearbox. Although Hyundai has yet to reveal official specifications, it did release this ...
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Thibault Leroy Oct 03, 2012
Saw it at the Paris auto show and it looked pretty cool
William Downs Oct 03, 2012
U act as though Hyundai has never won a rally race before, this isn't new to them they used to have a rally team
Nick Schnee Oct 03, 2012
I do see a chance for them...
Sean Gillespie Oct 03, 2012
I agree, they will be their, but they will not win
Ahmed Barrasali Oct 03, 2012
They can participate, but win.... I don't think so.
Ben Mossing Oct 03, 2012
Except for the front, this looks to much like the peugeot
Description: Unfortunately the shift to the WRC also means that Hyundai is essentially shuttering its North American motorsport division. With it will come the end of a four-year partnership with Rhys Millen that ...
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Tara Fitria Oct 03, 2012
Love these rally cars and the noises they make
Theo Hubbard Oct 03, 2012
Hyundai isn't screwing around anymore. They're in it to win it.
Amaal Amershi Dec 04, 2014
Most people will see this and think it's just an ordinary fiat😂
Michael Brown Oct 06, 2012
I wonder how much it would cost to build one of these?
Ahmed Barrasali Oct 03, 2012
Not bad at all......