Comments - HSV Celebrates 25 with Special Commodore GTS

Published: Oct 03, 2012
Description: Holden Special Vehicles is turning 25 next year, and the performance arm of GM's Australian division is celebrating the occasion with a new special edition GTS 25th Anniversary Edition. Set for a...
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Sam Sexton Oct 04, 2012
I'd kill for this car to come to the US
Carlton Salmon Oct 04, 2012
Looks super angry - I love it!
Patrick Schalk Oct 03, 2012
This makes me want a G8 even more. This is so sexy
Elias Harb Oct 03, 2012
I have gt5 and its shit
Ben Mossing Oct 03, 2012
COME TO AMERICA!!! please!!!
William Downs Oct 03, 2012
That's because the g8 is based off the commodore
Javier Alonso Rivas Oct 03, 2012
looks a little like pontiac gt8
William Downs Oct 03, 2012
I'm down add me Gt: Brutalpaperclip
William Downs Oct 03, 2012
U keep on dreaming this thin will still be faster then the Evo on the track
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 03, 2012
We should have a CarBuzz race
Brian Johnston Oct 03, 2012
Too expensive. I could mod a evo for half the price and spank it three ways to Sunday.
Redge Diakité Oct 03, 2012
FORZA IS THE BEST CAR GAME END OF THE STORY. THE GT5 fanboys shouldn't try to compare to THE boss ;)
William Downs Oct 03, 2012
It's flawed but I love it, Im either playing A class tag or I'm just running laps of nurburg and building cars
Erik Rudolph Oct 03, 2012
I do I love that game
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 03, 2012
Who else on here plays forza??
William Downs Oct 03, 2012
@brandon, if u could u should built the hav gts, thing sounds like thunder and the handling is about 10x better then the W427
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 03, 2012
Just wondering who had the grill design first Lexus or Holden
Description: Available with either a six-speed manual or (gasp!) six-speed automatic, the performance sedan can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5 seconds flat (with the manual transmission and launch control). The GTS...
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jrise Oct 03, 2012
Well i wish i had that on my suburban
William Downs Oct 03, 2012
Dhruv propane injection does not cause a loss in power
Adam Sampson Oct 03, 2012
A second set of injectors and fuel tank allow the engine to run on LPG, available at the pump here in Australia at half the price of Petrol.
jrise Oct 03, 2012
Liquid propane injection??? Isnt thats a diesel thing? Dont know anything about it
Description: Along with the 25th Anniversary badging, the cabin comes equipped with sa-nav, tire pressure monitor, HSV Oracle instrument cluster, rear park assist and more. Holden Special Vehicles has set pricing ...
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Eric Anthony Oct 04, 2012
It's like $88k in tha US
Adam Sampson Oct 03, 2012
About the same at the current exchange rate. Bear in mind though that cars are more expensive here compared to the US.
jrise Oct 03, 2012
How much is that in american dollars
Guo-Sheng Huang Oct 03, 2012
Don't like the taillight.
William Downs Oct 03, 2012
Love this car 100%
Jeffrey Frank Oct 03, 2012
The taillights look like they got installed backward. The one thing I really dislike on the car.
William Downs Oct 03, 2012
If u glance at it u see the bow tie briefly but one u look at the 25 u can't see it
Corey Mullis Oct 03, 2012
i totally see the chevy bow tie too, weird
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 03, 2012
But it's not a chevy
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 03, 2012
Neat way to incorporate the chevy bow tie
Chris Watson Oct 03, 2012
I really wish HSV would sell these black hood vents aftermarket. They look like they would fit the G8 hood.
Kyle Schott Oct 05, 2012
Looks like a Chevy bow tie to me, how fitting.
Michelle Hart Oct 03, 2012
Haha I love the radio station selected Triple M doesn't really help prevent the bogan image of the car