Comments - Renault Twizy Pays Tribute to Picasso

Published: Oct 29, 2012
Description: BMW is known as one of the foremost patrons of art cars, commissioning numerous well-known artists to use its cars as their canvas. One painter the Bavarian automaker never got to work with, though, w...
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Morgan Marcella Oct 29, 2012
I've seen one before, it's soooo small.
Description: The Twizy, for the uninitiated, is a novel take on urban transportation that sits somewhere in between a city car and a scooter. It has four wheels but a narrow track, and two seats placed in tandem. ...
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Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Oct 30, 2012
@hektor, I think @connor meant in the US they pronounce it more often adeedus whilst in Europe addydass. For further reference listen to Run DMC "My Adeedus " lol.
Hektor Yberg Oct 29, 2012
I live in Sweden and I've been in Finland, Denmark, Spain and UK and I've never heard anyone say adi das. But dialects may change the way they say Adidas.
Jorge Gonzalez Oct 29, 2012
Nice kicks dog, ugly ass car.
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Oct 29, 2012
Adidas ! In Europe they Literally say ADI - DAS not just one word, it's interesting