Comments - McLarens Take Sao Paolo

Published: Oct 29, 2012
Description: McLaren is a British outfit through and through. But some would argue that its spiritual home is in Brazil. Among the bazillion grands prix it has won around the world, it has won the Brazilian Grand ...
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Description: It also channels the spirit of (and recent popular documentary on) Ayrton Senna here and there. It's worth a watch, if only to see how the dealership locks down at night in violent crime-ridden S...
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David Perez Oct 30, 2012
I think you at carbuzz shouldn't be saying that South America is crime-ridden, please don't give us that attitude!
Tyler Martin Oct 30, 2012
Search "Honda Nsx short film" on YouTube. The McLaren video is a huge rip off. And done poorly at that.
John Serely Oct 29, 2012
The security feature with the metal walls was pretty cool!
omarSV Oct 29, 2012
i agree with carbuzz. nice filming/editing but watching 2 mclarens overtaking eachother at 9mph is enough to make you sleep
Andrew Hubbard Oct 29, 2012
This photo is amazing!