Comments - Ford Unveils Troller TR-X Concept in Brazil

Published: Oct 29, 2012
Description: Back in 2007, Ford do Brazil bought a small local off-road truck manufacturer called Troller. The company has been building Jeep Wrangler knock-offs and small pickup trucks since the mid-90s, but at t...
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Shane Carroll Oct 29, 2012
Wait, so a company called "Troller" makes jeep knock-offs? Anybody else see the irony here? Wonder if they come with "u mad?" plates
David Cawley Dec 05, 2012
Ford pretty please make the 04 Bronco concept my reality! Not this thing!
Wyatt Ortega Nov 14, 2012
Couldn't they just bring back the bronco concept from 2004
Clayton Piechowiak Oct 31, 2012
Are you joking ford....what a knockoff of a Wrangler.
Travis Goldie Howell Oct 30, 2012
Anyone else also think of a hummer?
Jason Brown Oct 30, 2012
Dylan, go to Brazil and you can find why so many dramatic\extreme concepts are produced there. You will realize the cars are not the only things extreme...(glowing implants to glowing tattoos in genitals and inside mouths and so on...)
Matt Piccolo Oct 29, 2012
That's hideous lol
Chris McCormick Oct 29, 2012
Tanner I couldn't agree more
Tanner Middleton Oct 29, 2012
jeep hummer and fj just made a hideous ford
Shelby Cassandra Oct 29, 2012
Kind of reminds me of a hummer. Those are some boss tires though!
Joel Hayes Oct 29, 2012
Yeah it's kind of the same style as the Land Rover DC100 concept
Greg Lewis Oct 29, 2012
Ford, you can do better. The concept bronco years ago would been a bigger hit than this little tikes car
Ritchie Streeter Oct 29, 2012
Jeep Wrangler in disguise.
Judah Lindvall Oct 29, 2012
Deplasticize It and it would look alright. Right now it looks like it is a Tonka truck
Tyson Broadbent Oct 29, 2012
I see the dc100 too. Not a big fan of the color of this. Lets see it in white.
Alex Medvedev Oct 29, 2012
Ok so we take H3 front and out it into toyota FJ not even worth me watching
Dylan Bruder Oct 29, 2012
Whats with all these things in brazil all these extreme concepts
Sam Hansen Oct 29, 2012
Land Rover DC100...
Malachi Monteiro Oct 29, 2012
Car for the internet
David Justice Oct 29, 2012
It look ok, maybe if they cleaned up that grill I'd like it more.
Isaias Almanza Oct 29, 2012
They see me Trollin...
Sam Biggin Oct 29, 2012
Can leave that in brazil thanks ford
Cody Miess Oct 29, 2012
It looks like its completely plastic
David Munasinghe Oct 29, 2012
Nice. Name it "Bronco" and bring it State side.
Description: It rides on big knobby BF Goodrich tires, apcks little LED headlights and has a winch integrated right into the front bumper. While parts of the Troller TR-X concept are clearly for show, we can'...
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Wyatt Ortega Nov 14, 2012
Maybe this will motivate both chevy and dodge to bring back the blazer and ram charger
Shelby Cassandra Oct 29, 2012
Oh god please have another Bronco!
Justin Routh Oct 29, 2012
Bring the bronco back ford!!!!!
Tim Puckett Oct 29, 2012
@boyd no the LAST thing we need is another bronco II
David Parenti Oct 29, 2012
It looks FJ-ish but I like the fact that its a 2 door.
Alex Medvedev Oct 29, 2012
Is it just me or you guys are blind? It's H3 front and toyota FJ body jesus
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 29, 2012
Love it new two door bronco make it wear the roof comes off you got it ford I remember the old bronco2s they were awesome trail SUVs
Emmett Groves Oct 29, 2012
It looks like a DC100. Come up with something new
Alex Medvedev Oct 29, 2012
Back end is not bad
Franklin Lopez Nov 23, 2012
Jeep concept?
Alex Medvedev Oct 29, 2012
Yea now it looks like a jeep agreed
Julian Pilinci Oct 29, 2012
Looks more like a Jeep to me.
Nick Benz Oct 29, 2012
...expensive down there
Nick Benz Oct 29, 2012
Thats because jeeps are mad ex
Ryan Rainville Oct 29, 2012
Faggie jeep clone
Tyler D'Agostini Oct 30, 2012
Saw this at SEMA.. Looks great in pictures and its a cool idea but it was very poorly put together, maaco quality body work... This could be so much more
Tim Puckett Oct 29, 2012
@chris it's a modern interpretation of the bronco except it has the 5.0 from the new mustang they're ridiculously badass too haha
Chris McCormick Oct 29, 2012
Sorry I sound dumb, but what is this? I'm assuming its an early bronco but what year? I think this is awesome
Taylor Garry Oct 29, 2012
If only this was cheaper
Brandon Carr Oct 29, 2012
This is where it's at
Alex Medvedev Oct 29, 2012
Looks like a russian SUV lll
Devin Babyn Oct 29, 2012
He only drove it for his web series. Unless he bought it off Icon after that
Brian Johnston Oct 29, 2012
This is awesome. Leno owns one of these.