Comments - Cars That Changed The World: Volkswagen Beetle

Published: Oct 29, 2012
Description: The concept of a "people's car" was nothing new when Dr. Ferdinand Porsche set out to make the Beetle. The Ford Model T had come and gone by this point, and in truth the Beetle didn&apo...
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Aaron Crisp Oct 30, 2012
Yeah the 911's have really grown on me.
Aaron Crisp Oct 30, 2012
They're both ugly.
Morgan Marcella Oct 29, 2012
I hope a 4x4 will be next.
Nick Schnee Oct 29, 2012
I KNEW this is was gonna be in this series. Ha.
Tim Puckett Oct 29, 2012
@erich Naaa your just a Porsche fanboy but that's fine cuz I hate the bug just as much as you do
David Parenti Oct 29, 2012
Erich, Ferdinand Porsche designed the Beetle and the Porsche. Your argument holds no value. Shows your ignorance.
David Parenti Oct 29, 2012
A kharman Ghia was a VW by the way.
David Parenti Oct 29, 2012
Hey Erick! A kharman Ghia and a Porsche were the same thing! It was called "the poor mans Porsche". Kind of like your 80's era 944. Porsche would probably like to forget they made them.
Tim Puckett Oct 29, 2012
I'd definitely hot rod the sh** outta this
Tyler Tarbox Oct 29, 2012
Hope the Mustang is in this series. Should be
David Parenti Oct 29, 2012
Shouldn't be surprised, they made millions of bugs and made them for many years. Plus they were air cooled and almost anyone could work on them. Innovative for the time.
Jordan Jackson Oct 29, 2012
Yup, I figured this car would be next
Petro Maalouf Dec 13, 2012
One of the best and most iconic cars ever built ... Sorry austin but when this was launched the other cheap cars looked uglier .... I love this car and i love Vw's
Austin Goodman Oct 31, 2012
One of the worst looking cars ever made.
Frederick Perez Oct 29, 2012
Like to own a decent one but difficult to find nowadays
Petro Maalouf Jan 24, 2013
Very rare
David Parenti Oct 29, 2012
Split window, rare.
Description: Dr. Porsche had long wanted to produce a hugely mass-market everyman's car, but his early attempts hadn't exactly worked out. In 1931, he built the Porsche Type 12 prototype for Zundapp, a c...
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Wayne Joseph Borean Oct 29, 2012
Gotta love these cars. We turned a bunch of them into bush buggies for hunting. You needed to find a reduction tranny for a VW van to get the best performance, but it wasn't all that hard. At least it wasn't then. There aren't many Bugs left now. Sigh. They had a beautiful rebuilt early Bug in the movie Iron Sky.
Description: The Type 60, as this new version of the car was called, borrowed heavily from the design of a contemporary Czech car which had debuted a couple of years earlier, built by Tatra. The Tatra had started ...
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Liam Lau Nov 01, 2012
I just googled for the Tatra and they do look very similar. This paragraph from Wikipedia is an eye opener: "Ferdinand Porsche later admitted 'to have looked over Ledwinka's shoulders' while designing the Volkswagen. Tatra sued Porsche for damages, and Porsche was willing to settle. However, Hitler canceled this, saying he 'would settle the matter.' [5] When Czechoslovakia was invaded by the Nazis...
A.J. Brady Oct 30, 2012
And the fact that most people don't know the truth about the Porsche's "people car" is sad. So Porsche and Thomas Edison do have something in common.
Nick Benz Oct 29, 2012
Actually Korea. My b
Nick Benz Oct 29, 2012
Its ok, we'll just invade japan!
Anton Zhukov Oct 29, 2012
*Note apple on handling copyright suits.
Quinn Conner Nov 01, 2012
Not the tatra. Tatra has a flatter front
Bill Estep Jr Oct 31, 2012
Hughie hoggs car
Sasa Jungic Oct 30, 2012
I hate Beetle. I hate the history behind it. And the thing I don't get is hippies drove these horrible things and who designed this misery. The one and only Adolf Hitler
Shelby Cassandra Oct 29, 2012
There are tons of these in Mexico.
David Justice Oct 29, 2012
Damn those birds!
Description: This was maybe not the most ethical of business practices (and from the Nazis, imagine) and Volkswagen would end up paying an out-of-court settlement to Tatra in 1961; albeit, not a very big one. Prod...
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Sam Biggin Oct 30, 2012
Look at vw now!
Description: Ford turned down the offer to have the company for free, saying it wasn't worth the money. Volkswagen's energies immediately after the war were primarily given over to producing vehicles for...
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Sam Biggin Oct 30, 2012
Look at ford now losing hundreds of millions in europe
Greg Lewis Oct 29, 2012
Nah, ford has an image to uphold. Kudos ford
David Parenti Oct 29, 2012
I wonder how true that is...
Jordan Jackson Oct 29, 2012
Damn Ford, if you only knew...
Austin Goodman Oct 31, 2012
Might be the worst interior I've ever seen on a car
Graham Young Oct 30, 2012
Lol that's funny guys no flappy paddle gear box either lol that's a 4 speed gear shifter with a clutch n all
Aaron Crisp Oct 30, 2012
But David how do they watch blu-rays, bump 18" subs and find their way around town?
David Justice Oct 29, 2012
That kids, in the middle of the picture where the Nav/Touch/Infotainment screen is suppose to be, is called a tape deck.
Austin Goodman Oct 31, 2012
Didn't these put out like 30 hp?
Description: Fans of the show "Mad Men" will recall that Volkswagen's Think Small campaign of 1959 was an unexpected hit. It flew in the face of conventional advertising wisdom at the time, but it c...
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Description: The only vehicles to have sold more are the VW Golf (the Beetle's replacement), the Ford F-Series and the Toyota Corolla. Most of these cars were built in Germany, but several million were also b...
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Description: The Beetle just couldn't compete with these cars, and so VW changed its focus for the American and European markets, while shifting the Beetle to a car primarily for the Latin American market, wh...
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Felix Rhett Oct 31, 2012
I'll take the 240
Jahaziel Ortiz Oct 29, 2012
I've always said this were pretty bad ass
Tim Puckett Oct 29, 2012
I'll take that camaro in the back