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Published: Oct 29, 2012
Description: Following Koenigsegg's announcement that the Agera R would be coming to America, Car and Driver's European editor Jethro Bovingdon spent a day with the hypercar on the Swedish carmaker'...
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Noah Gavurin Nov 01, 2012
im pretty sure half of these people are drunk out of their minds when they post, that would explain the grammar
John Raymond Oct 30, 2012
Lmfao at all these people make crap ass excuses for a pos Bugatti lmao ya great at flats and straights put that big thing in a turn gone like that ass who drove a veryon into a lake simple venomgt and agera r will always beast a w16 Bugatti lmao
William Downs Oct 30, 2012
Don't change the fact that there record shouldn't count, they basically made so its impossible for someone to beat the record, it was set on a private track that no one else can use, I think I shouldn't count, vs is cowardly holding onto the top speed title
Matt Piccolo Oct 29, 2012
Yea but that doesn't give vw a good reason to let them do that... It's their track, they payed for it, so they have the rights to it
Yatish Wentink Oct 29, 2012
@john VW owns the track where Bugatti made the world record
John Serely Oct 29, 2012
@dhruv lol why would VW do that?
Description: The Agera R boasts one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in the business and can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds. Thrusting to 200 mph, it destroys the Veyron by more than four seconds, al...
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Maaz Khan Oct 31, 2012
Best car in the world! The front looks so sexy, and those doors are amazing
Donald Chip Schofield Oct 29, 2012
This v8 sounds like an absolute monster, this and the ford gt are my favorite v8 harmonies
Edgar Jauregui Oct 29, 2012
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!
Ken Lee King Siang Oct 29, 2012
Their 24 year old in house test driver steered the car with just 2 fingers at speeds of over 300km/h.
Seth Pettman Oct 29, 2012
That's one amazing machine! Koeniggsegg is my fav hands down :-)
Donald Chip Schofield Oct 29, 2012
This car is a monster
Redge Diakité Oct 29, 2012
Man that Koenigsegg V8 I think it's THE best sounding V8 in THE world THE 6.2 AMG Growls but this one DAMN it takes you even further than your guts and as I will always say Koenigsegg must build cars with Horacio Pagani can't anyone ask them? :D
Janak Solanki Oct 29, 2012
The power in that car is just plain scary.
Serge Pankratov Oct 29, 2012
Thats what im talking about! (Drool)
Dylan Bruder Oct 29, 2012
Great sound great machine
William Downs Oct 29, 2012
Agera is the best super car ever, looks fantastic, sounds amazing, has crazy power and can still put it down, and let's not forget that this monster can still monster a track... Veyron? What's that again
Lou Guerrero Oct 29, 2012
This Koenigsegg makes amazing cars but the Huayra is the best all around super car
Pablo Herasme Oct 29, 2012
It just doesn't like people
Pablo Herasme Oct 29, 2012
The sound in 6:47 without video, everyone would think it was a monster and not a car
Dylan Bruder Oct 29, 2012
Thats what I was thinking four seconds destroys a veyron
Jason Ortiz Oct 29, 2012
That is insane!......4 seconds faster than a veyron to 200 i can't even imagine.
Ryan Rainville Oct 29, 2012
I love the aggera
Matt Piccolo Oct 29, 2012
@ Ahah I had one, but I'm returning the game... Forza 4's better, I might get black ops 2 instead since I'll get like 40 bucks for horizon
Serge Pankratov Oct 29, 2012
Koenigsegg FTW! =D
Tyler Tarbox Oct 29, 2012
Justification for a higher education right there
Dylan Bruder Oct 29, 2012
These are amazing
Julian Pilinci Oct 29, 2012
That's what a hyper car should look like!!!
Benjamin Russell Scott Mueller Oct 29, 2012
This car makes me fearful just looking at it. Love it.
Justin Routh Oct 29, 2012
Best car in the world