Comments - Bugatti Developing 1600HP Super Veyron?

Published: Oct 29, 2012
Description: When Bugatti released the Veyron in 2005, it shattered the world's conception of what an automobile could do. But Bugatti wasn't done, following up in 2010 with the Veyron SuperSport, upping...
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Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Nov 03, 2012
I respect the Veyron line, but I'd prefer to have the MP4-12C that hits 'just' 200 mph, but kills everything else around corners.
Chris Gaines Oct 31, 2012
the veyron's w16 deserves respect because it allows the car to produce over 1k hp with the refinement and smoothness that a twin turbo supra or whatever lacks. reviewers always say how smoothly it rockets to triple digits
Pablo Herasme Oct 30, 2012
I'll tell if the Veyron was more track oreinted and lighter, there would be nothing to compete with.
Ken Kirtland Oct 30, 2012
there are many reliablilty issues! why do you think Bugatti has refused to ever send their car around the nurburgring, besides the fact that it would get slaughtered because of it's inability to turn. the engineer himself said that the veyron would not be able to go one lap around the nurbrgring because the car could not withstand it. look it up, now that's a bit of an issue i would say.
Pablo Herasme Oct 30, 2012
William last time I checked there was no reported reliability issues
Michael Lopez Oct 30, 2012
@william.. Idk but I think I remember the veyron doing quite well on the track..
William Downs Oct 30, 2012
Please new enzo replacement and the p1 are not worryed about some fat overweight pig that can only do straight lines, Bugatti is nothing but a status symbol. They can't make big power without using a giant truck engine with alit of turbos, anyone can make over 1000hp with a big enough engine, real performance would be more power from a smaller engine with better reliability
Stas Allen Oct 30, 2012
I swear to god if it looks the same but with a different paint job I will face palm so hard.
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Oct 30, 2012
@ Ian . There is a saying if you need to ask the price you cannot afford it. People with bugattis often have jets and yachts which are far more expensive to maintain. The 20k for tyres is tax deductible -company
John Raymond Oct 30, 2012
Lmao these guys are just weak and wack look at all that lost torque and hp from crank crap made car for over price lol they have to use a 16 where agera r is a twin turbo v8 shows true performance to shit performance FTw agera r vs veryon 24/7 365
Daniel Alexander Soutar Oct 29, 2012
No, I think this is more than just a paint job and a new set of rims. Bugatti Veyron R, harder-edged? It would nuke every single car on the road if it followed the old fashioned recipe of "Remove weight, add power". The new Enzo and P1? Screwed...
Zaire Wilkins Oct 29, 2012
bugatti is bored
John Atnip Oct 29, 2012
And the story here is? It's like the other special addition models Veyrons. They change the color, maybe the rims, and add on another $100k. Bugatti is a sweet company steeped in tradition, but they aren't Rolls Royce. They need new designs.
Velocy Melendez Oct 29, 2012
I just wonder what's going to be the price
Nick Schnee Oct 29, 2012
Ha, while they're doing their sedan, Koenigsegg sure will come up with something faster! Or at least something that can corner.
Ian Ragsdale Oct 29, 2012
I would never want this car or any other Veyron. If it was given to me, I'd sell it immediately. $40,000 for a set of tires that lasts 2500 miles, $20,000 for a routine service if there are no issues, and <10mpg. Not interested.
Paul Dickey Oct 29, 2012
I wish they were new veyrons. Same old veyron with a different color and different rims. All of em not that good looking.
Erik Rudolph Oct 29, 2012
It should be called the Bugatti ultimate instead of veyron which has been overused
Cody Gillard Oct 29, 2012
Is anyone else thinking that buggati should just stop making the veyron and make another kind cause to me im getting tired of hearing about new veyrons
Mohammed Shamma Oct 29, 2012
I wonder what and where you can go with a car in 1.8 sec. Maybe its good for hunting a flying bee. Its insane but definetely dream car its stunning!!!!
Pablo Herasme Oct 29, 2012
Just admit it this is a car you'll have if it was cheaper
Paul Dickey Oct 29, 2012
Agree with both of you.
Matt Sutton Oct 29, 2012
Me too. Im never going to go that fast. But if i do, i want it to be in a good looking vehicle. Not that.
Thomas Mackey Oct 29, 2012
Impressive numbers? Sure. But I'd rather have something else.
Ken Kirtland Oct 30, 2012
amen, the agera is better in every sense of the word. im not hating on the veyron but when you compare every aspect of what each car brings to the table it isn't even a comparison. the car that is closest to the agera in all around perfection is the huayra in my opinion
John Raymond Oct 30, 2012
Lmfao they will never make it as nice as an agera lol even the Hennessy venom gt looks 10,000 times better man and losses less at the crank
Pablo Herasme Oct 29, 2012
And you get out
Jordan Jackson Oct 29, 2012
All likers stop liking...
Maynor Pineda Oct 29, 2012
All haters stop hating
Jon Wheel Oct 29, 2012
I've seen an Agera R and a Veyron Vitesse within 50 yards of each other and nothing has the presence of an Agera
Pablo Herasme Oct 29, 2012
Hope they make it sleeker and better looking so Agera R fans can shut it
Connor Garrett Koerbitz Oct 29, 2012
This car is really starting to show its age....
Description: Never mind the open-top Grand Sport and Vitesse models or the myriad special editions that have come along over the years. Word on the Alsatian street is that Bugatti is planning a so-called Super Vey...
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Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Oct 30, 2012
Besides an Atom will destroy most cars on a track but I wouldn't want it as a daily driver. A veyron now can do all and in comfort. If it lost some of the weight and became more track orientated you'd still find something to fault.
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Oct 30, 2012
@william not wanting to state the obvious but don't most tracks have straights before corners! Lmao. The top gear track isn't that big either as a formula 1 car can do it under 1 min. Check out tiff needells review a racer. Fact over opinion.
William Downs Oct 30, 2012
Pablo go take another look. Its a straight away to a sweeping left hand turn, another straight into a right open turn, another straight into the chicane from there onto another straight witch leads to another sweeping right hand turn straight to a left turn onto another straight and then two small left hand turns, that's far from a tight yea , that's about 6 straights for the Veyron to open up
Pablo Herasme Oct 30, 2012
WTF, the TG test track is kinda tight
Jacob Shumway Oct 30, 2012
You're right, that was dumb. But back to the point that the veyron wasn't built for handling..
William Downs Oct 30, 2012
@Jacob, Lmfao your really gonna use top gear times to compare times, do u forget that that track has about 6 straight in it, no shit it has a faster time dumb ass, put it on a track without all them straights and it won't beat any of them cars or even come close, if your gonna use top gear as the base for your arguments then u might as well just delete this app
Jacob Shumway Oct 30, 2012
Excuse me though, I said if you want handling read about the gumpert Apollo, that was incorrect as the veyron SS has a faster top gear track time than the gumpert, and in fact a faster time than the CCX. Only .1 secs shy of the aventador too.
Jacob Shumway Oct 30, 2012
You do NOT need handling, you need great suspension and stability, which the Veyron has both, but there is no turning capabilities required to top out.
Stephen Cobbs Oct 30, 2012
@Jacob. You need handling for going 260+ mph. Would you get in a Civic with that much power and try to top it out?
Jacob Shumway Oct 30, 2012
Ben, why would a car who's soul aim is top speed be made to handle? That's just not what it's built to do! If you want handling go read about the Gumpert Apollo or something.
John Serely Oct 29, 2012
Bye-bye venom gt and agera! As much as I don't like this car, those numbers are unreal
Maynor Pineda Oct 29, 2012
This is the next big thing i need to see this on the road and hear it
Ben Norton Oct 29, 2012
Quit giving this car more power and give it the ability to turn
Pablo Herasme Oct 29, 2012
For your Information 10 mph is a lot considering the Air resistence at nearly 300mph
Shane Carroll Oct 29, 2012
I'll pay attention once they announce it officially. I dunno, maybe because I've been watching NRE 2000hp twin turbo big blocks all afternoon but this just doesn't blow me away
Nick Benz Oct 29, 2012
Wake me up when a production car breaks 300mph.
Preston Ming Oct 29, 2012
*arent 3 other cars
Preston Ming Oct 29, 2012
you can't test on 5 miles worth of flat grade Tarmac anywhere in the world
Preston Ming Oct 29, 2012
ok so they'll cut, what another 200 lbs, and manage another 10 mph top speed..whoop di frickin doo! the ONLY reason there are 3 other cars above the SS is because they won't allow anyone to use the VW track..
Jason Smith Oct 29, 2012
...and in 2014 the Veyron will become a hover car...
Lou Guerrero Oct 29, 2012
8 turbochargers, 15 radiators, 4 hyperdrive capacitors!!!! 26,000 horsepowaaaah!!!!
omarSV Oct 29, 2012
so many rumours fly around in the car industry, rarely true. however if we see a lighter veyron approaching 290mph that would be one if the most exciting things ever! lets hope the lightness means genuine improvements on the track too. :)
Christian De Prisco Oct 29, 2012
When you start one up it sounds like a truck already
Redge Diakité Oct 29, 2012
DAAAAMMMNNNN 9.6 liters it's a truck engine now :D
mikegauros Oct 29, 2012
Thw consuptition of this engine will be mindblowing
Pablo Herasme Oct 29, 2012
Agreed, the large engine gives more room for more improvements in tge future
Elijah Chet Roseberry Oct 29, 2012
The Mclaren is in no comparison to even the old Bugatti. And yes I agree, we have seen a huge jump in go over the last 10 years! Btw Bugatti still has a lot of room even after 1600hp
Pablo Herasme Oct 29, 2012
Looks like Bugatti is not going to give up to to a car made by a 20yearold company, I like the competition going on
Description: As a result, we're told to expect a 0-62 time of just 1.8 seconds, with top speed increased to 288 mph. That would position the new Super Veyron as that much faster than any of the incoming crop ...
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Eric Resetar Nov 27, 2012
None of you will ever be able to afford it so get over the arguments.
Spencer Nyquist Nov 25, 2012
The tires will barely last to set the record! Looking forward to seeing a top gear episode on this
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Nov 03, 2012
That's a heavy car. I'll take the P1.
Stephen Wood Nov 01, 2012
Not a big fan of the veyron, but I do think what it does is amazing, even tho it can't handle. Id take the R8
William Downs Oct 31, 2012
@Justin, never heard of the agera, does it with half the cylinders, half the turbos, 2wd and doesn't look like an over grown beetle, plus it can tackle a track at race pace
Justin Green Oct 30, 2012
Some one please explain to me a car that can come close to the speeds that a Bugatti can pull out in only a short time that can do it right out of the store.... I love lambos as much as the next guy but no car can do what a Bugatti can, so shut up
António Villas-Boas Oct 30, 2012
Does it even matter if it's slightly faster or slower here or there? We love cars not to get there quicker but to enjoy the driving, the look, the sound. I don't like the Bugatti very much but I can understand why a lot of people do. For me? A 458!
Ken Kirtland Oct 30, 2012
The Bugatti is not only not capable at track it is astonishingly horrible at it. If not then explain how a Lamborghini Aventador can beat it around a track with less hp, less torque, worse 0-60 time, worse 0-100 time, and a lower top speed? The only explanation is bad handling and braking. Please someone answer this question with facts I'm dying to hear the answer.
Jacob Shumway Oct 30, 2012
From what Ive seen Bugatti handles better than the Koenigsegg. Go watch some fifth gear. And I actually got my information from a man who has worked for Lamborghini for 20 years, and driven both car countless times, but I guess you probably know more
William Downs Oct 30, 2012
Never said I've driven one, I'm going of of reviews and articles not pulling shutout my ass, no the Veyron is not a capable car around a track, just cause it can get around a track dosntnmean it can handle a track, and the top gear track has 1 section with a tight turn, and the other isn't to bad of a turn,the rest aare just wide long sweeping turns, they have driven big trucks and everything arou...
Campbell Christie Oct 30, 2012
@William, are you saying you've driven both the Veyron and the Agera?
Rohil Chauhan Oct 30, 2012
Ken blocks fiesta does 0-60 in 1.8 seconds.
Stephen Cobbs Oct 30, 2012
@William. You dont know what your talking about. The Veyron is a very capable track car. Cant believe im saying this but, go watch Top Gear. It isnt just built for straight line performance. Even though it shines in that category.
William Downs Oct 30, 2012
@Jacob ever been in an average I think not don't talk shit about what u don't know koeingsegg have great ride quality, and are comfortable cars , plus there fast both in a straight line and threw turns, this is just huge and only good in straight lines, average is sleek aggressive and not to mention doesn't need a giant engine and 4wd to put its power down, average is a real performance car with g...
William Downs Oct 30, 2012
Get over t the only reason the Bugatti has the title is cause they have the only track u can reach those speeds at, records set on a private track shouldnt count cause now that they beat the record they can just refuse anyone using there track so they keep the record by default, and don't actually earn it cause there scarred there giant beached whale isn't as great as they think
Jacob Shumway Oct 30, 2012
Half of the greatness of Bugatti is the ride quality. It drives like a Rolls-Royce with supercar speeds! Though it is an acquired taste (which I find gorgeous), I'd rather drive in luxury than have a jackhammer up my butt all day like in the Agera.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 30, 2012
Maynor, you're telling Colby not to be a hater when you are hating on his car....seems legit
Donald Chip Schofield Oct 29, 2012
I would still take an Agera R anway. 4 seconds to 200 mph quicker than the current super sport
Paul Dickey Oct 29, 2012
Justin no cars close? Do some research buddy.
John Serely Oct 29, 2012
Wow. I can't even imagine 1.8 0-60. That would be insane! Take that agera!
Justin Green Oct 29, 2012
There will probably never be any production car to ever beat any Bugatti, there are no cars really even close and the way it looks Bugatti is going even faster, and it doesn't matter if it can't turn, Bugatti is going to be know as the fastest car.
Jordan Smith Oct 29, 2012
Maynor, stop telling the "haters" to stop hating. Colby has one badass car. The Veyron does deserve respect but you're going fanboy over it.
Dillon Magee Oct 29, 2012
This sounds interesting. I hope it will happen.
Jack Howard Oct 29, 2012
Justin that makes no sense
Maynor Pineda Oct 29, 2012
All haters stop hating even you colby the veyron is better than the car you have
Pablo Herasme Oct 29, 2012
Colby I'll still rather have it than that C5 in your pic
Colby Church Oct 29, 2012
That's mad power, but IMO the Gayron is a very hideous car.
Justin Routh Oct 29, 2012
Accept* you're*
Jack Howard Oct 29, 2012
Except they aren't...
Hunter Wolfe Oct 29, 2012
Bugatti just except your gonna be second.. The agera R is better and just beautiful and your ugly I'm sorry..
Justin Routh Oct 29, 2012
Koenigsegg and SSC will still come back with something better ;)
Ben August Oct 29, 2012
Pretty cool- got to give respect to VW that they aren't content to One and Done it with this model. Keep it going B! They may just establish a performance dynasty
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 29, 2012
How is ther so much specfic info on a carthat VW hasnt ecen talked about
Michael Riley Oct 29, 2012
Why not call it the HyperSport? I mean they already have a super veyron haha
Nodnarb Ydil Oct 29, 2012
I believe tire compounds are about the only thing stopping anyone getting much higher than the record. If any company can do it, it would be VW AG
Tn Ng Oct 29, 2012
I wonder if the tires can handle that kind of speed,
David Justice Oct 29, 2012
Haters keep hating! Those numbers are pretty insane (once they prove it). This car will be a beast!
Austin Goodman Oct 31, 2012
I've seen one in person it really isn't as big as you think
Maynor Pineda Oct 29, 2012
@shane that is true I saw a bugatti that thing is big and sounds loud
Shane Carroll Oct 29, 2012
@Spencer Gallardos are tiny. This thing is wider than a Land Rover, wouldn't exactly call that "small"
Spencer Warkentin Oct 29, 2012
I didn't say light, I said small. Put one next to a Gallardo and you'll understand what I'm saying.
Spencer Warkentin Oct 29, 2012
Pictures really don't do this car justice. It's so much more impressive when you realize how small it is
Tyler Tarbox Oct 29, 2012
Vitesse is the only Veyron I like
Ken Kirtland Oct 30, 2012
well thats the only respectable veyron
Harrison O'Neal Oct 30, 2012
It's pretty from the back.
Daniel Alexander Soutar Dec 26, 2012
May I just point out in defends of the Veyron that the Corvette has a 7 litre V8 with around 440hp... The Dodge Viper, an 8.4 litre V10, 640hp... The Veyron has been reliably producing 3000hp, most of which is lost to the 10 radiators and ensuring
Daniel Alexander Soutar Dec 26, 2012
that the car is reliable, as well as protecting the gearbox... I doubt your Ranger is as reliable as the Veyron. They tested it and it was more reliable than a Golf. I understand arguments against it, but it's unfair to say it sucks. That's wrong.
Harrison O'Neal Dec 03, 2012
And a 0-300mph, which the veyron can't even hit, and a 0-300-0. In 20.1 seconds. Beat that Getmans! Ford all the way!
Harrison O'Neal Dec 03, 2012
My Grandmas Crown Vic has a faster 0-200mph than this useless thing! And a 0-100, and a 0-200-0.
Solomon Coulter Nov 07, 2012
New is Always better
Harrison O'Neal Oct 30, 2012
Lol, petty street legal cars. They don't know the definition of speed, torque, handling, etc.
Ken Kirtland Oct 30, 2012
Shelby, I freaking love you. Please post here more often for numskull Bugatti lovers for that one day they may see the light.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 30, 2012
Yes. It's not legal for streets though.
William Downs Oct 30, 2012
Your ranger makes over 1000hp
Shelby Cassandra Oct 30, 2012
My ranger puts down better numbers with just a supercharger.
William Downs Oct 30, 2012
Apparently u don't under stand what an opinion is, him along with a lot of us don't find the beached whale to nice looking, 1000+ HP from a w16 with 4 turbos, isn't even that impressive considering there are cars making the same numbers with half the cylinders, half the turbos and only using 2wd, this is just a really expensive status symbol, that's why vs won't let no one use the track, cause wit...
Devin Babyn Oct 29, 2012
You guys must be new here since from what I've seen on here most people hate the Veyron
Maynor Pineda Oct 29, 2012
@dan you dont know true beauty
Nick Benz Oct 29, 2012
Dang Dan lay off the haterade
Al Tungupon Nov 22, 2012
Dear Lottery, I've been a good friend to you. You know who should be driving the Super Veyron, I know you do. It shouldn't be so hard copying the numbers I'm about to put down, right? Sincerely, Al
Shane Carroll Oct 29, 2012
The urge to make a "that's what she said" joke here is overwhelming
Pablo Herasme Oct 29, 2012
If it was just a bit longer
Ken Kirtland Oct 30, 2012
I think Bugatti was experimenting with ways to make their cars uglier for the future.
Jordan Smith Oct 29, 2012
Different bumper? What's with the holes next to the grill?
Jon Wheel Oct 29, 2012
Looks like the Hermes in Pebble Beach