Comments - NFL Star Rides in an 800hp EVO IX

Published: Oct 28, 2012
Description: Kevin Burnett is no stranger to speed. The Miami Dolphin linebacker owns two Nissan GT-Rs and a Toyota Supra, however the Mitsubishi Evo IX "Infamous Monster" and its 800+ horsepower (measur...
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Jorge Gonzalez Oct 29, 2012
That big ass dudes gonna weigh the car down. Naaa.
Shannon Sims Oct 28, 2012
He does have good taste. You almost never here these guys spend money on cars like these.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 28, 2012
Do you really need 2 GTRs? Haha
Matt Piccolo Oct 28, 2012
He has some good taste in cars XD
Description: To get there, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX has had its engine rebuilt and fitted with an HTA GT3794 turbo kit to produce that landmark 808 hp. So it's not surprising that after the drive, Burnett...
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Alex Renaud Oct 30, 2012
Thank you Mr. bond. You know a thing or two about EVOs (and engines in general).
Robby Stanley Oct 29, 2012
But regardless kevin Burnett seems to have good taste
Robby Stanley Oct 29, 2012
By chroming them out, putting stereos, lights and whatever other doodads are supposedly cool. So what you have is a vehicle that was pretty much ruined yet that person cant be told otherwise. I didn't know the EVO X offered a manual period... Cool!
Robby Stanley Oct 29, 2012
I guess I should've used flashy instead of shiny. What I meant is buying something that is perceived to be the shit cuz that's what's in. The mentalitys really bad in the bike world, lots of guys will take super sport bikes then proceed to add weight
Max Bonds Oct 29, 2012
big power evos will also likely be much slower on the street. I rarely find myself in boost on a daily basis. but when you already know your faster, takes the fun out of proving it to yourself.
Max Bonds Oct 29, 2012
stock crank can take more abuse. interestingly enough the secret to evos big power numbers is largely thanks to the fact the that the 2.0 l has a nice short stroke, meaning with good cams springs and retainers you can rev that motor high enough to fully spool some seriously big snails. and it seems counter intuitive but your likely to blow motors at low rpm under heavy load. not winding your mo...
Max Bonds Oct 29, 2012
rule of thumb is anything over 400 ft lb to the wheel and its time for forged internals. at least according to most tuners. fortunately strap a large enough Turbo and you make the band wide enough that over 600 whp is possible while keeping torque relatively low and nice and wide with a peak high enough in the power band to keep your bottom end "safe".
Alex Renaud Oct 29, 2012
How can a relatively small I4 produce that kind of power? I realize it's a turbo, but the internals must be beefed up quite a bit in order for it to be a reliable daily driver.
Dane Kirwin Oct 29, 2012
I do that in my sti on a daily snow
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Oct 29, 2012
Evo IX is my favorite
Cooper Branham Oct 28, 2012
The x does offer a manual just not in the mr trim
Serge Pankratov Oct 28, 2012
Theres nothing wrong with "shiny" cars, its just rich people tend to forget that there are cheaper cars out there that are more driver/enthusiast cars than their "shiny" cars are at times. I agree with Rob
Tyler Tarbox Oct 28, 2012
@Robby. What's wrong with buying a "shiny" car?
Robby Stanley Oct 28, 2012
Plus lack of a manual on the X is a serious flaw in my opinion. I'll sacrifice the 1/2 sec. quicker lap time for a more involving experience
Robby Stanley Oct 28, 2012
Good to see a guy with lots of money and options choose "drivers/ enthusiasts" cars instead of whats shiny or supposedly the best. And yes the EVO IX is def the best gen of evos. The X may be technologically superior but it's ugly as hell...
Matt Piccolo Oct 28, 2012
Agreed! The Evo is one of my all time fav sedans, with the older sti's side by side
Lee Cascio Oct 31, 2012
An evo is never a sleeper they are like a box of chocolates you never know what you're goin to get lol.
Ryan Spencer Oct 29, 2012
I like how it looks stock on the outside. Sleeper car for sure.