Comments - Mitsubishi Rules Out New Sportscar

Published: Oct 28, 2012
Description: There was a time when Mitsubishi built sportscars that were truly fantastic instead of SUVs that not enough people are buying. Thanks to its past partnership with Chrysler, models like the 3000GT and ...
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Gabriel Scott Nov 08, 2012
They've now guaranteed not to sell any cars
Lee Cascio Oct 31, 2012
Not to mention the late model galant vr4 twin turbo in the japan market. Those were beasts.
Shane Carroll Oct 29, 2012
Very rarely do we get to witness the exact moment a company's balls drop off. Mistubishi, I am disappoint.
Nick Benz Oct 29, 2012
Title should read: "mitsubishi decides to suck even more than it already does". I mean really, the only thing it has going for it is the evo. What else is there? The galant? Roflmao.
Jason Brower Oct 29, 2012
Ahh, I knew Mitsubishi was heading downhill after they killed off the 6g72. My 3000gt was a fantastic car.
Max Bonds Oct 28, 2012
mitsus made some decent vehicles, I would not buy anything other than evo vr4 or maybe a gsx eclipse. but mitsu def. made some of the best jap sports cars in there day. and most of there muscle was over built. its a shame we won't see another like the 3000gt anytime soon, but if and when they do it, they'll do it right.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 28, 2012
It's sad that Mitsubishi cars are not only unreliable but also has poor resale value, so now you don't have any plans to build more cars that can bring back some excitement to your brand? So sad, iv totally loss respect for Mitsubishi :-(
Benjamin Russell Scott Mueller Oct 28, 2012
I accidentally read this as "roles out" not "rules out." -_- Got my hopes up.
Adam Solomon Oct 28, 2012
I don't understand why all of these car companies are dropping their hot cars with a generation of playstation addicts coming into the high end car market.
Aaron Crisp Oct 28, 2012
I love my Stealth! It's a great car and very reliable, and fun :) very under appreciated but there's a great tight knit community.
Robby Stanley Oct 28, 2012
What truly killed Mitsubishi in the U.S. was the abysmal reliability. The 4g63 may have been Fairly robust. But the rest of the car and Mitsus' entire lineup was crap. Overpriced crap.
Daniel Eads Oct 28, 2012
Chris, it's going to be a hybrid, but it's not even for sure.
Brandon Metzger Oct 28, 2012
One of my friends has a stealth, and it's so much fun to ride in
Tin Nguyen Oct 28, 2012
No comments after the first page. I guess no one really care about Mitsubishi. If they want to be competitive they really need to improve on the reliability of their cars.
Tim Puckett Oct 28, 2012
The dodge stealth was by far one of the best but most unappreciated cars of the 90s
Chris Penza Oct 28, 2012
The next evo is going to be electric. Mitsubishi is dying
Matt Teschendorf Nov 04, 2012
Recently sold my Red 92 3kgt :( very fun car, but it was time to move on.
Aaron Crisp Oct 29, 2012
Yeah it's like a jet cockpit!
Max Bonds Oct 28, 2012
theyave pretty sick interiors too.
Mark Fei Ling Oct 28, 2012
I miss my VR4.......
Ray Moreno Oct 28, 2012
My brother has a first gen 92 VR4...thing is amazing and I drove it from the Gulf coast , Pacific then to the Pugent sound.
Christopher McSween Oct 28, 2012
They should bring it back!
Aaron Crisp Oct 28, 2012
So much technology packed into them. Many people forget these are GT cars.
Dylan Bruder Oct 28, 2012
These were just a bit too heavy
Description: Despite it being a solid performer with outstanding handling, the sports coupe segment that Mitsubishi once competed in is not something it plans on delving back into anytime soon. According to Car Ad...
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Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 28, 2012
They should fire their president, he's bad for business
Sebastian Grey Oct 28, 2012
Yeah Mitsubishi should just stick to building audio equipment now that they've essentially given up on cars.
Description: In a word, money. As Masuki stated, "Our engineers are very prominent to investigate new technologies, but to use that technology they are not that good to bring the revenue or make money." ...
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John Atnip Oct 29, 2012
Just focusing on the car side of the company, it's funny to think that they are blaming this on money. Building cheap cars (after the 90s era cars), uninspired cars, and generally giving up doesn't pay? Who knew. Simple laws of finance...
William Smith Oct 29, 2012
@james, that's really all they need to do is just bring back an eclipse gsx. It can be mechanically identical to the Evo for all I care
James E Caldwell Oct 29, 2012
Take their current EVO platform and build a lighter more stylish coupe on it. Hire pinifirina to design the body. Done and done.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 28, 2012
Sounds like a struggling car company to me!
Aaron Crisp Oct 28, 2012
They have such a large parent company though... They build airplanes, ships, tv's and computers. I was always hoping for a new 3000GT to compete with the GTR or something. What a shame.
Matt Piccolo Oct 28, 2012
Just don't have enough money right now to make multiple cars as stated in the articak
Matt Piccolo Oct 28, 2012
I hope they don't go down, I love Mitsubishi... All the evos, the older eclipses, 3000gt were all awesome cars... Even like the outlander, for an SUV I think it's a pretty good looking car... Mitsubishi knows how to design good looking cars, they
nate.hahn.92 Jul 15, 2014
i had one of these in high school. great little car.
Lee Cascio Oct 31, 2012
Probably because he didn't build/tune it correctly.
Tin Nguyen Oct 28, 2012
My friend had the talon tsi which is the same car. That thing broke down every week.
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 28, 2012
I would buy one of these if it wouldn't blow up after driving 10000 miles
Matt Teschendorf Nov 04, 2012
Lol, of all the nice eclipses out there, they pick this picture? I tried so long to find a clean GSX w/low miles. Gave up. Beautiful cars. Then the year 2000 came and they killed the eclipses fun.
Lee Cascio Oct 31, 2012
A low miles stock one in 20 years will be worth some serious coin.
Shane Carroll Oct 29, 2012
These don't look bad, I wish more people just left em alone
Ryan Cardone Oct 29, 2012
This brings back memories. I had one just like this and the other was a spyder. Put about 30k on each and never had a problem with either. I hate seeing the poor shape most are in nowadays.
Max Bonds Oct 29, 2012
well if I'm out to buy an eclipse, I know what to get then, I thought they where fwd biased. funny thing, evo rear diffs are assembled wrong from factory before they ship to u.s. intentionally weakening lockup to discourage over steer.
Maria Garcia Oct 29, 2012
@Max, actually the 95-96 and 99 model GSXs had a factory LSD installed and it was an option for the 97-98 models.
Max Bonds Oct 28, 2012
gsxhad 4g63t and similar awd to evo... pretty sure no LSD though, still a meaningful car though
Maria Garcia Oct 28, 2012
This brings back memories of my 1998 GSX. That car was pretty fun to drive.
Colby Church Oct 28, 2012
I have a custom 1999 eclipse like this. Except mine actually looks great, not like this. Only 113k miles too. Not too shabby, but my Vette is 3 times faster.
Andrew Palmer Oct 28, 2012
Great car, even though they are mostly junk these days...bad body kits and questionable mods makes me shy away from looking at one
Tyler Tarbox Oct 28, 2012
One of the most heavily riced cars ever made
Dylan Bruder Oct 28, 2012
They're alright I just don't trust mitsu quality
Brendan Bell Oct 28, 2012
I see these all over town. Love them!
Matt Piccolo Oct 28, 2012
Love this gen eclipse!
Aaron Crisp Oct 29, 2012
My brother totaled his 3000GT SL and settled on a newer Eclipse GT.. Needs RWD but pretty good for a V6.
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Oct 28, 2012
I wish the car performed as well as it sounded and looked
Jordan Smith Oct 28, 2012
I always thought these looked pretty sweet, they just didn't have the power and they were front wheel drive.
Matt Piccolo Oct 28, 2012
Personally, if I could find one of these, love miles, v6, with a stick and relatively cheap, I'd buy one... They have really bad resale value so u can normally pick them up cheap
Sebastian Grey Oct 28, 2012
This car looks good but handles line shit and is extremely underpowered. Unchanged for so many years and it just couldn't keep up.
Chris Watson Oct 28, 2012
Warning!!! Danger to Manifold
Andrew Palmer Oct 28, 2012
Like the looks...heard it was a well put together car...needed awd; well don't car about that, the rear wheels need to push the car, either in unison with front, or by themselves.
Christopher McSween Oct 28, 2012
Great car. Would like to see a serious refresh.
Brian Johnston Oct 28, 2012
Would love to see the girl to guy ratio of purchases.
Reese Fenske Oct 28, 2012
4wd would make this car relevant
Byakka Hirakawa Oct 28, 2012
Haters need not to comment If ur not going to say anything good Then dont read This is a great car and i love the way it looks
Brendan Bell Oct 28, 2012
Girly car. It looked good, but still girly
Roger Guilemany Mortimer Oct 28, 2012
In my opinion, the Toyota GT86 is better.
Tim Puckett Oct 28, 2012
Ricey Ricey rice no one like rice cake
Maaz Khan Oct 28, 2012
I liked this car, but the front was too perky, they need an aggressive look like the have for Evo