Posted on: Oct 28, 2012
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Gallardo Replacement Coming Soon

It's had a great run, but with fierce new rivals on the market, the Gallardo is quickly showing its age. Fear not, however, as Lamborghini has a new V10 supercar in the works.
The Gallardo has been a phenomenal success for Lamborghini, outselling the Countach, Diablo, Murcielago and Aventador combined to emerge as the Sant'Agata-based automaker's most prolific model. But after eight years, the V10 model is about to be retired, and that means a replacement is coming. Car Advice reports that Lamborghini exec Fintan Knight divulged at the Sydney Motor Show that the next model will have a new name that will bear the legacy of another famous fighting bull.

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Knight also confirmed projections that future Lamborghini models will no longer offer manual transmissions, but rear-wheel drive is another matter entirely. "We do see that there's a distinct positioning between a rear-wheel-drive, which is back to basics, and the four-wheel-drive, which will remain our sophisticated lap-time oriented car." Simple translation: rear-wheel drive is still very much on the agenda, so expect the Gallardo replacement to offer it in parallel to all-wheel-drive versions. Also ruled out was any possibility of hybrid technology for the unnamed supercar as Lamborghini will stick with naturally-aspirated engines.
Knight also reiterated that certain lessons learned from the limited-edition carbon fiber-centric Sesto Elemento will be used for the new car, but declined to give any further details. Knight was also tight-lipped about its arrival date as Sant'Agata won't take any chances rushing its potential next best-seller to market before it's good and ready.

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by Jay Traugott
Gallardo Replacement Coming Soon

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