Comments - Dominos Picks the Future of Pizza Delivery

Published: Oct 28, 2012
Description: Domino's Pizza, in conjunction with crowd-sourcing startup automaker Local Motors, has chosen the winner of their "Ultimate Delivery Vehicle" contest. With $50,000 worth of prize money ...
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Phil Johnson Oct 28, 2012
Dominos delivery drivers are required to have at least two years driving history. I don't see a problem.
Chris Huff Oct 28, 2012
Too bad i hate dominos
Sam Oglesby Oct 28, 2012
I see a flaw with this how many teenagers have drivers licenses not many it's cheaper to have a moped/motorbike in Britain at least
Peter Aquilina Oct 30, 2012
the thing is that the car does not meet with the requirements that domino had proposed. I dont know why . they had chosen it.
Aaron Crisp Oct 28, 2012
And pepperoni tail lights!
Description: The design incorporates delivery-specific technology, such as GPS, an insulated box in the rear to keep food warm, and side and rear chiller drawers to keep beverages nice and cool. Perhaps the most u...
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Bill Estep Jr Oct 28, 2012
I wonder how efficient it would be if they were plug in's electric cause most jus go a short distance
Nick Schnee Oct 28, 2012
What about Morgan Threewheelers? 2 litre V2 seems quite legit too me.
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 28, 2012
Idk I think I could find a way to love a micro car with a turbo v twin under the hood
Shelby Cassandra Oct 28, 2012
At least go with the 3. A 2 cylinder belongs in a bike.
Logan Delony Oct 28, 2012
That glass doesn't look safe at all
Stas Allen Oct 28, 2012
I like the seats. Reminds me of a Lamborghini Sesto-Elemento. But that's just me.
Andrew Spad Oct 28, 2012
Looks kinda like a smart car
Phil Johnson Oct 28, 2012
Kinda look like Starion wheels...
Stas Allen Oct 28, 2012
He spelled "Bottles" wrong. XD
Aaron Crisp Oct 28, 2012
Throw in a roll cage and I'm down for delivering pizza.
Ken Kirtland Oct 28, 2012
this is pretty sick
Matt Sutton Oct 28, 2012
You have to admit that dominoes has been very attentive to the feedback. Its pizza is drastically better than it used to be. All around improved service also. But they should keep harsh weather in mind. To deliver when no one else will.
Chris Huff Oct 28, 2012
At least the guy on the commercial is listening to his drivers
Alexis Suarez Oct 29, 2012
Correction on the picture it's brake not brake!