Comments - BMW Rolls Out New M3 Coupe Frozen Editions

Published: Oct 28, 2012
Description: Matte finishes are trendy, and BMW has been at the forefront with its Frozen editions. This time, though, the Bavarian automaker has launched three Frozen finishes for the M3 coupe all at once. And fo...
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Sam Biggin Oct 29, 2012
Problem is there's a new one not far off
Lou Guerrero Oct 29, 2012
Getting tired of these limited edition M3s. Limerock, GTS, UK, frozen this, limited that. We get it BMW your still trying to sell more M3s. Interlagos blue M3 sedan for me and done.
Aaron Crisp Oct 29, 2012
Gorgeous! And I'm not even a huge Bimmer fan.
James Salaba Oct 29, 2012
Doesn't matter what paint you use! The car is not good looking anyway. E46 is far nicer!
Jason Brown Oct 29, 2012
Very difficult to take care of the paint. Constantly have to worry about the tar and even bug splats on it...
Tyler Tarbox Oct 28, 2012
@Ryan. That would really suck then. No paint job is worth that
Ryan William Sprenkle Oct 28, 2012
I think he's referring to the paint on the frozen editions. If I'm not mistaken, you have to baby the hell out of that paint.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 28, 2012
Hard to maintain? They are fairly easy to maintain. Underneath all the hyped up performance is still a BMW 3 Series.
Aj White Oct 28, 2012
Hard as hell to take care of. $16K premium for a car that's hard to maintain on a daily basis? No thanks.
Jason Brown Oct 28, 2012
16k premium... No thanks
Chris Penza Oct 28, 2012
They never fail to impress with these finishes!
Ray Liu Oct 28, 2012
From this angle
Ray Liu Oct 28, 2012
I don't think this is good looking
Tyler Tarbox Oct 28, 2012
@Brandon. You should go work for BMW in their design department then ;)
Marcelo Perez Camarero Oct 28, 2012
Best BMW ever!!!
Skylar V. McCune Oct 28, 2012
I want one in this color...this is just plain awesome.
Dillon Magee Oct 28, 2012
That is fantastic.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 28, 2012
Wow. Made a good looking car even better
John Serely Oct 28, 2012
That looks really good
Michael Dunn Oct 28, 2012
Damn that's sexy.
Description: Those include gloss black brightwork, 19-inch wheels, bare carbon roof panel, an interior specially outfitted in black leather with exterior-matching stitching and carbon-fiber trim and the full M3 Co...
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Dan Anton Oct 29, 2012
To be clear all but the competition pack.
Dan Anton Oct 29, 2012
All of the "stuff to justify the price" come standard with the car lol. BMW charge 15k for the version because they know they can lol.
Mandla Mnyakeni Dec 02, 2012
This is awesome
Wapit Steve Oct 29, 2012
I just love the m3
mikegauros Oct 29, 2012
I hope one day I can afford it....:-(
Serge Pankratov Oct 28, 2012
This ones my fav =]
Michael Dunn Oct 28, 2012
That's even better!
Tyler Tarbox Oct 29, 2012
@Kwesi. No. I have been in both the M3 and the CTS-V. The V interior is better.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 29, 2012
Just wait for the new M3. This is simply a model that has been around for some 7 years now
Patrick Schalk Oct 29, 2012
That's because this same freakin design has been used for forever.
Lead Peddalin Oct 29, 2012
Yeah I was actually going today I'm surprisingly not really feeling this interior.
Kwesi Desmond Prempeh Oct 29, 2012
It is a damn sight better than the CTV interior.
Aaron Crisp Oct 29, 2012
@Colby Sounds about right.
Aj White Oct 28, 2012
@Colby EXACTLY!!!!
Colby Church Oct 28, 2012
If this was American, people would call the interior shitty and cheap looking..
Serge Pankratov Oct 28, 2012
Thats probably now my fav interior.
Tin Nguyen Oct 28, 2012
The seats look comfy.
Forrest Wood Oct 28, 2012
I love the stitch details on the steering wheel
Patrick Schalk Oct 28, 2012
Hey cool that same radio is in my friends 84 3 series.