Comments - Aston Martin Developing V12 Cygnet?

Published: Oct 28, 2012
Description: As bonkers as it may sound, Autocar is reporting that Aston Martin's pint-sized city car could soon be offered with the brand's 6.0-liter V12 engine. That's the same engine that's ...
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Alex Bouckley Nov 23, 2012
500 hp in a fwd car? Bs
Calvin Windisch Nov 13, 2012
Aston- Hum.... Maybe if it looks like a vantage on paper we could sell them
Dominic Keilty Oct 29, 2012
This made me cry myself to sleep
Ethan Amo Oct 29, 2012
When I first read that, I couldn't believe my eyes
Sam Biggin Oct 29, 2012
Do it! Would be brilliant!!!!
Lou Guerrero Oct 29, 2012
BMW stuffed a Z3 with their V12 -- it was horrible. Had a 70/30 distribution lol this Toyota isn't worth the effort to donut right.
Jorge Gonzalez Oct 29, 2012
I don't believe they'll do that for one second.
Zachary Fix Oct 29, 2012
They miss spell would
Maaz Khan Oct 28, 2012
The ultimate sleeper car ahahahahaha
Ryan William Sprenkle Oct 28, 2012
Best. Idea. Ever. Of all time. I hate this car so much and this is so stupid that I want this to happen. It would be freaking hilarious.
Lucas Hill Oct 28, 2012
BS! And typo! That would be insane though!
Scott Lenahan Oct 28, 2012
This WON'T happen. Period.
Paul Trahan Oct 28, 2012
Aston already confirmed that this is a rumor.
Cody Gillard Oct 28, 2012
Facepalm the entire time while reading the article come on get real
Wyatt Gordon Oct 28, 2012
if they do, it'll be like that one W12 VW Golf, only worse
Morgan Marcella Oct 28, 2012
This sounds crazy.
Saqar Khudairy Oct 28, 2012
I want to get the smart 65 AMG///
Max Cook Oct 28, 2012
It's funny Aston made this car trying to make the company more Eco friendly.
Saif Altaeef Oct 28, 2012
I would rather wait for the W16 fiat 500
Alex Renaud Oct 28, 2012
This is clearly a rumor, and nothing more. There is no business case for a V12 car in this micro segment. It's not going to happen. I will hang my hat on that.
Daniel Carvalho Oct 28, 2012
How the heck will a V12 fit in this thing?
Oliver McIntosh Feb 22, 2013
I can only laugh... In utter dismay.
PhuongHong Nguyen Dec 08, 2012
Nice video
PhuongHong Nguyen Dec 08, 2012
This is my zombie apocalypse car
Lou Guerrero Oct 29, 2012
You'd have to remove the body to service the engine.
Nick Benz Oct 29, 2012
They can fit it but you have to lay on top of the engine
Zaire Wilkins Oct 29, 2012
hmm just expect this to cost 700k like the nissan JUKE-R. but this dosent look better than the juke
Bill Estep Jr Oct 28, 2012
U wouldn't be able get any traction wth
Grant Paquin Oct 28, 2012
Do you lose the passenger seat for the v12?
Frederick Perez Oct 28, 2012
V12 on this cart?
Cody Gillard Oct 28, 2012
These things are ugly as sin
Robert Coon Jr Oct 28, 2012
Ummm? I'm calling BULLSHIT! on this one.
Brendan Bell Oct 28, 2012
If they put a v8 in this, they'd better put it in the iq, too....
John Serely Oct 28, 2012
I just can't imagine a 6.0 liter V12 fitting in there
Description: More than likely, the V12 would also need to be slightly detuned but considering the overall power-to-weight ratio, that seems like a very small price to pay. Autocar also says that Aston Martin would...
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Al Tungupon Nov 03, 2012
What they should be developing is a V12 that is up to the times. The engines from Ferrari and Lambo are just way more powerful.
Jorge Gonzalez Oct 29, 2012
Something as light as this would destroy their flagship cars, they wouldn't do it.
Blaise Harned Oct 28, 2012
It would definitely be interesting. Let's just say that