Comments - Unique of the Week: 1989 Isuzu Truck Custom Street Rod

Published: Oct 27, 2012
Description: Last weekend I wrote a piece showcasing a 1978 Datsun 620 compact pickup. Judging by several readers' comments, the absence of the compact pickup from the marketplace is missed by many including ...
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Alex Medvedev Oct 27, 2012
Ya then not this is trash
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 27, 2012
When I was young this would have been the s&@t!!
Description: That was a joke and hopefully no one at Nissan was listening (we wouldn't want them taking it seriously). So this past week I was recalling the years in which seeing small pickups on American roa...
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Description: But when I found this 1989 Isuzu pickup custom street rod for sale on eBay, the memories of my old neighbor's pickup quickly came back. For full disclosure's sake, my neighbor's custom ...
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Jared Garner Mar 29, 2014
Looks sweet
Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Jan 06, 2013
How's that a 'small pick up truck' it's huge
Alex Medvedev Oct 27, 2012
Looks good but still its a troll car
Bill Estep Jr Oct 28, 2012
Now those r rare that old Willys in the back the red one I think
Alex Renaud Oct 28, 2012
I'm more interested in this guy's garage. Wow. That is quite the setup.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 27, 2012
I'm more interested in that classic Stang behind it
John Serely Oct 27, 2012
Wow...I bet that is a blast to drive
Description: Other custom features include a Sony sound system with six-disc CD changer (never said this was a new build), a removable roof, a custom neon lit infinity box, a hydraulic lift box with remote and bru...
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Description: It's been enjoyed by its owners for 12 years now and they feel it's time to share the joy it's given them. It can be used as a daily driver and will surely turn heads everywhere it goe...
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Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Oct 28, 2012
Only awesome thing on this
Alex Medvedev Oct 27, 2012
Nice build though
Kyle McCullough Nov 03, 2012
Right, but where's the sifter to go from P to D?
Zach ComptonAss Gathercole Oct 28, 2012
@kyle its an auto
Kyle McCullough Oct 27, 2012
How do you shift?
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 27, 2012
Matthew please tell me your kidding
David Parenti Oct 27, 2012
Late 80's-early 90's GM dashboards were ugly
Alex Renaud Oct 28, 2012
Is that guy cruising in a rice bowl?!
Jake Knickmeyer Oct 27, 2012
Lol at subtle racism