Comments - Unearthed: 1972 International Harvester Scout II

Published: Oct 27, 2012
Description: For vehicles like the International Harvester Scout, don't expect to see them driven by the following groups of people: soccer moms, Green Peace activists, Toyota Prius activists and Hollywood ty...
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Patrick Schalk Oct 27, 2012
And that's really stupid that they do thag
Anton Zhukov Oct 27, 2012
Actually these and early Broncos are actually picking up popularity in Hollywood. They put 22"s on them and do bright paint.
Tracy Keiser Dron Oct 30, 2012
@judah.. Real men know what they want and go for it.. By the way, Tracy is my wife... using her Facebook account to post comments;))
Judah Lindvall Oct 29, 2012
@Tracy a real man is one that knows how to put others first
Tyler Tarbox Oct 29, 2012
Hahahahaha. Awesome. Somebody just got beat at their own game...
Patrick Schalk Oct 28, 2012
David, does it suck not being able to even kiss a girl?
David Hicks Oct 27, 2012
Joseph, does it suck being whipped by your wife?
Tracy Keiser Dron Oct 27, 2012
Joseph, if you were a man, your comment would start: I own one that looks just like this one..... Heheheh
Joseph Flieder Oct 27, 2012
I almost bought one that looked just like this one. My wife wanted the Jeep grand Cherokee. Guess which one we got.
Patrick Schalk Oct 27, 2012
The Scout was so freakin sweet. I see quite a few of them around Oklahoma.
Description: It's just not going to happen but back in the day when children respected their elders and politicians did a better job of pretending to be noble, International Harvester was busy churning out so...
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Description: The original Scout, dubbed the 80, was very basic but that's exactly what buyers wanted it to be. It featured removable sliding windows and some even had a fold-down windshield. Power came from 2...
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Description: The Scout 800 continued to receive regular upgrades for the next several years with new features focusing on creature comforts. Despite high-option packages like the "Champagne Series", the ...
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Description: All full-size SUVs today still offer a V8 option but who knows for how much longer that'll last. Beginning in 1971 until production fully ended in 1980, the Scout II, replacing the older model wi...
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Tyler Tarbox Oct 29, 2012
Love the old speedometers
Description: Fortunately, the brand has a loyal following and there are plenty of IH Scouts still on the road today. One of those is this 1972 Scout II that's up for sale on eBay. Power comes from a 345 cu in...
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