Comments - Panamera Pimped by Carlex Design

Published: Oct 27, 2012
Description: Polish tuning and interior specialist Carlex Design has announced its latest project, based on the Porsche Panamera Turbo S, upgrading both the interior and exterior of the luxury four-door super-seda...
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David Parenti Oct 29, 2012
I can't remember the last time I met a pimp who was an auto enthusiast..
Shelby Cassandra Oct 27, 2012
A pimp would, David.
David Parenti Oct 27, 2012
Who wants to see Porsche and Pimped in the same title?
David Hicks Oct 27, 2012
There is one photo of the exterior, wouldn't mind seeing different aspects of the vehicle instead of 34643 interior shots.
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 27, 2012
Rims mad big! Lol
Dillon Magee Oct 27, 2012
Looks good, but I don't really like the grill.
Michael Dunn Oct 27, 2012
Almost perfect.
Zeus Mocha Oct 27, 2012
Man did the panamera grow on me.
Ben Bourdon Oct 27, 2012
This actually looks nice, at least in this photo
Logan Delony Oct 27, 2012
Black rims would do a justice for me.
John Serely Oct 27, 2012
Ew, I don't like it. The stock one looks much better!
Shannon Sims Oct 27, 2012
Best one I've seen. Love it!!
Jahaziel Ortiz Oct 27, 2012
Looks good right
Brandon Metzger Oct 27, 2012
I wasn't expecting this to actually look good. Lol
Description: The rear apron sports integrated air openings and a matching diffuser. Other enhancements include an oversized rear wing with adjustable Gurney flap, headlight trims, and the side air outlets receive ...
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Tin Nguyen Oct 29, 2012
Best interior in class.
Ben Bourdon Oct 27, 2012
Not sure if I would choose yellow, but it's tastefully done
Thibault Leroy Oct 27, 2012
The interior is decent