Comments - Audi Rethinking R8 E-Tron Project

Published: Oct 27, 2012
Description: It was back at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show where Audi's R8 e-tron supercar concept made its original debut. Since then, the automaker has continued development work of the all-electrical superca...
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Sam Biggin Oct 29, 2012
They probably realised electric vehicles aren't going to work. Should get on with hydrogen
Cole Rocheleau Oct 28, 2012
They realized people spending over 100k on a car could care less about fuel economy...
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 27, 2012
All that progress for nothing...
Chris Penza Oct 27, 2012
Down with electric supercars!
Ethan Amo Oct 27, 2012
Well I'm happy the project is stopped...if they bring an electric car, do the A3 or something, just not the R8
Description: Yep, you read that right: batteries for EVs are not cheap, and combined with a couple of R8 e-tron prototypes ran out of power at both Le Mans and the Nurburgring during testing, Audi is apparently ha...
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Description: Arch-rival Mercedes-Benz, meanwhile, saw development of its SLS AMG Electric Drive through to production. Nothing has been made official just yet but Audi isn't an automaker known to waste time a...
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Darian Vorlick Oct 27, 2012
Weird not seeing an exhaust pipe.
Harrison Armstrong Oct 27, 2012
Sometimes it is good to cut corners in life.
Luis Miguel Lopez Oct 28, 2012
Must be fun cleaning those rims...not!
Brandon Bairian Oct 28, 2012
Das a seksy wheel