Comments - 4 Oscar-Winners in Auto Ads

Published: Oct 27, 2012
Description: Winning an Oscar is the highest achievement an actor can attain. That being said, it takes a lot of work to win an Academy Award. Many actors start out in much simpler roles, such as car commercials, ...
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Description: George Clooney won an Oscar for "Syriana," but that doesn't mean he's above shooting commercials for Fiat. Clooney really, really loves hatchbacks, and Italy.
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Patrick Schalk Oct 27, 2012
He's such a douche. Good commercial though
Description: Clint Eastwood is a legendary American icon, which might explain why Chrysler decided to cast him in its "Halftime in America" ad. Thankfully Eastwood didn't revive his America-loving c...
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Aaron Crisp Oct 28, 2012
I remember watching this commercial during the Super Bowl when it first aired... Gave me the chills, in a good way. Go Mopar! Go Clint Eastwood! Go 'Merica!
Matthew Crighton Oct 28, 2012
I think a better ending to that would have been to take a whole bunch of vipers and start them all at the same time.
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 27, 2012
This commercial was epic.. The snl spoof was hilarious!
Morgan Marcella Oct 27, 2012
That was nicely done
Maaz Khan Oct 27, 2012
I gotta say, that's was actually really good!
Description: In case you forgot, Eminem won an Oscar in 2002 for Best Original Song for "Lose Yourself." The win made history as it was the first rap song to ever win an Oscar. This Chrysler ad is short ...
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Author Norman R. Colson Oct 27, 2012
Great commercial
Zeus Mocha Oct 27, 2012
Very nice commercial.
Description: This ad shows a young Robert De Niro advertising the awesomeness that is an AMC Ambassador. Yes, even the greatest of Hollywood actors have shot car commercials. And yes, Richie needs to get his damn ...
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Morgan Marcella Oct 27, 2012
It looked like a scene from a movie.
Maaz Khan Oct 27, 2012
Looool Wth, half way through I thought I was watching a 1970s movie ahaha