Comments - Scion FR-S 'Fails' the Moose Test

Published: Oct 26, 2012
Description: Different countries and regions have their own safety standards. In Scandinavia, one of the most important evaluations a new vehicle can undergo is the Moose Test. The procedure involves evading an im...
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Terrance Parker Oct 27, 2012
Moose tacos anyone!! :-)
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 26, 2012
There's nothing wrong with the title it's just the article confuses the animals
Brady Fereday Oct 26, 2012
Ya there is a big difference I between a elk and a moose
Brandon Manworren Oct 26, 2012
More like a title of the article fail
Description: With the lowest center of gravity in the industry, the flat-handling sportscar (also know as the Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S) should be able to handle just about anything you could throw at it, but this ...
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Ishan Dogra Aug 25, 2014
Yup he'd be dead for sure
Adam Sampson Oct 28, 2012
If the steering wheel was on the correct side he'd have been fine.
Jerry Townsend Oct 26, 2012
I agree with Shelby,.....dead....
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Oct 26, 2012
Excellent video and excellent message
Logan Delony Oct 26, 2012
I've seriously watched this five times showing it to people.. We all DIED
Edgar Jauregui Oct 26, 2012
Moose test be damn xD hilarious
Jason Brower Oct 26, 2012
Failure? That looked pretty successful to me!
Shelby Cassandra Oct 26, 2012
He'd be dead if that was real.
Turbo_geoduck Oct 26, 2012
I've been told by my Norwegian grandfather that "moose" in Norwegian means pussy. he always laughs when we say moose, LOL.
Sebastian Grey Oct 26, 2012
I like the sound it made.
Michael Davidson Oct 26, 2012
Haha that was awesome.
Charlie Austin Oct 26, 2012
Andrew Duval Oct 26, 2012
Hah. Wasn't expecting that.
Dylan Bruder Oct 26, 2012
That was pretty good haha
Greg Lewis Oct 26, 2012
Ahhhh made my day!
David Parenti Oct 26, 2012
Haha I had to watch that twice because it was hilarious.
John Atnip Oct 26, 2012
Moose, what moose? Haha
Jon White Oct 26, 2012
Neither does MERICA
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 26, 2012
That's pretty funny...
Ryan Rainville Oct 26, 2012
Gt86 don't give a dam lol
Devin Babyn Oct 26, 2012
The front clip on the FRS is so much better then the BRZ. I hope that Toyota has a higher performance model like the STI
Jahaziel Ortiz Oct 26, 2012
This is neat but the BRZ STi is neater
Isaac Ferrari Oct 26, 2012
Michael is correct, it's basically how the Aston Martin cygnet and Toyota iq are
William Downs Oct 26, 2012
@Alex no he is correct only exterior difference is the front end and the insert that goes in the fender pocket, other wise its just the dampening force front and rear that are different
Alex Klemstein Oct 26, 2012
Not true Michael.
Michael Montefusco Oct 26, 2012
The body is identical... The only main exterior difference is the front clip.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Oct 26, 2012
I like the GT-86/FRS body a little more the the BRZ
Michael Montefusco Oct 26, 2012
Take off those OEM mudflaps and add some rallyarmor mudflaps!