Comments - Ken Block All-Wheel Drifts Irwindale

Published: Oct 26, 2012
Description: Ken Block has built up quite the reputation for stunt driving and his Gymkhana escapades need no introduction. The Hoon extraordinaire recently visited the Formula Drift stop in Irwindale in his Ford ...
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Andre Suyono Oct 26, 2012
Very great video
Description: "Once a RWD car is drifting, more throttle can be added to actually increase speed, where on an AWD car, I need to carry as much speed as possible into the initiation so I can carry the momentum ...
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Ashraf Dia Oct 27, 2012
It shows you at the end of the video e smoke the wall on a drift
Sam Oglesby Oct 27, 2012
Easy pop your tyres and carry on driving steel doesnt last long
Antonio Falsetti Oct 27, 2012
Is he holding a set of broken wheels in the beginning of the video? How did he manage to break those?
Danny Burns Oct 26, 2012
Off the hook !!!
Robby Stanley Oct 26, 2012
Looks almost as fun as sex!
Ryan Rainville Oct 26, 2012
I wish they turned that car into a production model
Shelby Cassandra Oct 26, 2012
What a job he has.
Harrison Armstrong Oct 26, 2012
That looks like such a thrill!
Barry Boo Wilson Oct 26, 2012
One fiesta I would drive all day lol. Pure power drifts.
Hmada Alx Jan 04, 2013
متعه القياده كيم بلوك
Sam Oglesby Oct 27, 2012
How come his front alloys changed colour they all matched a minute ago
Michael Davidson Oct 27, 2012
Phew!!! That's close!