Comments - Chevy Sonic Dusk to Dawn at SEMA

Published: Oct 26, 2012
Description: SEMA my be principally an aftermarket show, but these days it isn't strictly about providing a stage for hardcore tuners to showcase their wares. It's also emerged as an opportunity for carm...
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Colby Church Nov 13, 2012
I like this for what it is.
Description: "The reaction to the Sonic Dusk concept last year was overwhelmingly positive and proved customers are interested in a more-refined subcompact. We're moving quickly to bring Sonic Dusk to Ch...
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Description: The cabin is further enhanced with Mojave accent stitching and tan-color door panels with instrument panel accents, and comes with Chevy's MyLink infotainment system. Aping other top-spec Sonics...
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Patrick Schalk Oct 26, 2012
I don't think these are THAT bad looking. I wouldn't buy one but they would make a good first car.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 26, 2012
@Pat. This is Fugly, but not like the Aveo. Lol. That thing was in a league of its own.
Patrick Schalk Oct 26, 2012
These things top out at 18k. I don't think they are that pathetic. It fits the market well, WAY better than that turd Aveo.
Henz Herrero Oct 26, 2012
These cars are soo pathetic.. No offense to anyone.. Just a few more money and you can get a cruze.. This looks like the lud edition and it jst made the sonic less practical..
Zachary Maurer Oct 26, 2012
Lol design flaw
Aaron Matthew Ward Oct 26, 2012
A manual with 2 pedals?