Posted on: Oct 26, 2012
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Blacked-Out BMW Z4 by Redline Auto

Thai tuner gives the Z4 a dark look and a new stance.
Bangkok-based tuner Redline Auto Thailand has lifted the lid on a special one-off BMW Z4. Fitted with a Rowen body kit, the German roadster has been wrapped in gloss black and set up with some sharp blacked-out DPE wheels for an even more sinister look. The Rowen body kit includes spoilers mounted to the front and rear bumpers, carbon-fiber side sills and a large rear wing. LED reflectors and fog lamps keep the roadster visible on the road despite its blacked-out design.
Redline Auto also fitted a KW Variant 3 suspension adjustable dampers reportedly approved by the German Technical Control Board. Scope out the finished product in the photos and video footage ahead.

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