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Published: Oct 25, 2012
Description: Back in April Tesla informed those holding reservations for its Model S Signature Series that their new cars were being readied for delivery, which subsequently took place in July. The electric sedan ...
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Max Ignatyev Oct 25, 2012
Yeah Sam, I only see about 1-2 people out of gas a year so I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Sounds to be like you're just hating on the telsa without much reason..
Luis Miguel Lopez Oct 25, 2012
People run out of gas cuz they're cheap or broke
Sam Oglesby Oct 25, 2012
@Wolfgang people run out of petrol all the time what makes you the electric will be any different
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 25, 2012
I see the mods erased my negative posts. Cute
Wolfgang Ezeh Oct 25, 2012
@Sam nobody will be so daft as to travel beyond the 300 mile range without a plan in place.
Brian Johnston Oct 25, 2012
I love the sound and smells of a combustible engine. But the 0-60 times on these are awesome. The instant Hp with zero lag is amazing.
Sam Oglesby Oct 25, 2012
And after 300 miles how long does it take to recharge and how long does my extension lead need to be for when I break down at the side of the road
Andrew Palmer Oct 25, 2012
That makes more sense, a bit more info about current pricing from the host would've bed nice.
Matt Close Oct 25, 2012
The $50k model comes with the 300 mile range and is almost as quick, (4.4 to 60) what do you get for nearly double the price?!
Description: It also looks the part and has an enviable interior sporting a 17-inch LCD display and a luxurious volume of space. But if you want to get a feel of how the car drives on the road and track, check out...
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Lee Cascio Oct 31, 2012
Saw one near Philly the other day. This thing has a serious road presence not what I expected from an electric car. Kudos to tesla.
Alex Smith Oct 29, 2012
Looks like a new Alero. Not impressed.
Jerry Townsend Oct 26, 2012
I still love the car tho......yes LOVE.
Jerry Townsend Oct 26, 2012
I see....the website explains it all....,but $97,000?!?!?! This average citizen will only buy the base....if that. Regardless of 300 miles and the ''Sports Package' Lol!
David Justice Oct 25, 2012
Nearly 300 on one charge? Better that a full tank of gas in my ride. Plus, the performance and interior, $97 doesn't seem bad at all.
Luis Miguel Lopez Oct 25, 2012
Hahaha yeah me too. I was surprised by the 97k price tag. Take a more detailed look at the options and specs on teslamotors website. It lists what you get for $49-$97
Jerry Townsend Oct 25, 2012
Im just upset because a was thinking about buying it soon....(1 to 10, but that definitely wouldn't happen at $97,000.....just doesn't seem worth it....well... I wouldn't be willing to give that much up for that....maybe 50 tho...
Jerry Townsend Oct 25, 2012
I see that....the top tier topping out at 65 on the car buzz listing....but just caught off guard by the $97,000. I didn't see another tier starting at $97 for the top base S model...or whatever...
Luis Miguel Lopez Oct 25, 2012
The cheapest around 50k has the smallest battery, est 160mi. There are 3 tiers of the base model
Jerry Townsend Oct 25, 2012
Ok, but is the Base-'Base' model only half the car, if it is about 'half' the price???? Or does it have 30 to 40 grand in extras outside of performance??? I just want to know what 50 thou will get you.....
Shelby Cassandra Oct 25, 2012
It says in the article that this is the top spec model. The base price will be significantly lower than the 97k you are seeing.
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 25, 2012
Nah I remembered when they initially said the base model is no more than 50k that's all I'm willing to spare. Economy is rough right now.
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 25, 2012
For 97k I can afford better, I'm sorry 50k is all I'm willing to give.
Andrew Palmer Oct 25, 2012
It showed the car in a favorable light, but 97k...holy crap!
Jerry Townsend Oct 25, 2012
I thought it started out at $57,000....?
Serge Pankratov Oct 25, 2012
steep imo. Id buy a much more fun car that will go and go if i was spending anything more than $40k
Serge Pankratov Oct 25, 2012
I stopped by the Tesla store in Bellevue WA. It looks really nice in person and the amount of storage or just any space in that car is pretty damn amazing! It takes 45mins for a full recharge but the sticker price even for the base car is a little
Shelby Cassandra Oct 25, 2012
This looks nothing like the new Fusion. Sorry, but it doesn't.
Henz Herrero Oct 25, 2012
I wonder if the 300 mile range is when ur driving conservatively or inspired driving.. Damn that wudnt even get me to chicago from here..
Josh Knight Oct 25, 2012
Looks so much like the 2013 ford fusion
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 25, 2012
There's a Red one here @ my work... Still with its Temp tag... Looks nice in person...
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 25, 2012
Car has a great style and 300 mi range in a base model for the 40ish price compared to the volt
Jason Brown Oct 25, 2012
Me four. Looks like this car has similar design language to all of Ford's current and pervious lineups (jag, Aston, and new ford designs).
Austin Sullivan Oct 25, 2012
Yup, I completely agree