Comments - Lotus Launches Automatic Evora S IPS

Published: Oct 24, 2012
Description: There's no question that Lotus makes some of the sweetest-handling sportscars on the market. But the niche of enthusiasts that buy them isn't enough for any automaker to sustain itself these...
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Patrick Schalk Oct 25, 2012
You guys are retarded. He didn't do anything. Don't take offense to everything like a damn hippy
Wolfgang Ezeh Oct 25, 2012
@Jake people sometimes make comments without thinking.
Jake Knickmeyer Oct 24, 2012
@Dan, one of my best friends lost his left leg at the knee when he was 4 and can't operate a clutch, but he is one of the biggest car guys I know. Should he not be given the chance to drive a car like this because of his disability?
Dan Bousquet Oct 24, 2012
lotus needs to get its s*** together and make something besides some stupid slightly altered version of the evora. so wat if it gets an auto, noone gives a rats ass cause anyone with any sense at all would get the manual cause its just better
Ethan Amo Oct 24, 2012
Yup, saw this coming, but no doubt, the right question is the manual
Maaz Khan Oct 24, 2012
They respawned hehehhe :D
Nick Schnee Oct 24, 2012
I thought they had stopped production due to financial problems?
Brandon Metzger Oct 24, 2012
Ah I love the smoking rear tires
Matt Piccolo Oct 24, 2012
Looks great! I would love a chance to drive one of these
Description: The transmission does away with the clutch pedal and replaces it with four different modes to suit a variety of driving situations: full automatic mode, manual paddle-shift mode, or automatic or manua...
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Kyle Kloewer Oct 25, 2012
At 83 I'd buy a Porsche or a Maserati or even a merc
Tyler Tarbox Oct 25, 2012
For $83K I'll take a Z06 that will smoke this and pretty much everything else for that matter.
Kyle Rawn Oct 24, 2012
Forgot the $ symbol. Carbuzz, we need an edit comment option!
Kyle Rawn Oct 24, 2012
*example, according to Carbuzz, the 911 Carrera and the SCed Elise have the same 0-60 time, but the Elise is 29000 less than the 911. (54k-83k)
Kyle Rawn Oct 24, 2012
Sometimes it's not always about the money. For exam
Kyle McCullough Oct 24, 2012
There is a lotus dealer about 3 miles down the road from my house, but I've only ever seen one on the road. Probably because of our Ohio weather
Dillon Magee Oct 24, 2012
I agree with serge
Serge Pankratov Oct 24, 2012
$83k??! No thanks.. Ill buy an M3 or a Cayman for that much and will have tons more comfort and similar or more power and handling thatll be more than enough for me.
Nodnarb Ydil Oct 24, 2012
I'm in New Mexico and see a new Evora about once a week. Only seen a handful of Elise's and the Exige. As someone said, they fit a very particular niche and that's bout it
Matty Michaels Oct 24, 2012
I've seen probably a dozen Evora's and countless Elise's in the great midwest.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 24, 2012
I've never seen an Evora. Seen a ton of Elise's but never and Evora
Kyle Janchenko Oct 24, 2012
I bought one, and sold one. Nice car, but serves a very specific purpose. Most people, including myself, don't find the tradeoff worth it in comparison to similarly priced cars.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 24, 2012
Ive only seen two Evoras and i live in south florida
Ben Norton Oct 24, 2012
Yeah, I see quite a few here in Ohio
Nelson Alexander Oct 24, 2012
Do people even buy Lotus's anymore?
Description: By comparison, the Porsche Cayman starts out with 265 horsepower (marginally less than the base Evora's 276) for $51,900 (a good $15k cheaper than the Evora) and fetches $62,100 for the 320hp Cay...
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Aaron Crisp Oct 25, 2012
Being in Vegas I really haven't seen very many Lotus's. I've seen more Lambo's around town than Lotus.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 25, 2012
Honestly I'd rather have this than a Cayman or a base 911. Just for exclusivity reasons
Jamie Mcpherson Oct 25, 2012
Wow, the cayman is twice the car this thing is and it's cheaper!
Patrick Schalk Oct 24, 2012
I wouldn't mind having a vert Viper but if I'm gonna shell out the money I'll get a coupe. I have too many things I want. I want a 65 Conti, 72 VW Thing, 71 split bumper Camaro, 04 Cobra Mustang, 03-06 Viper, and a 1967 Jeep Kaiser M715.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 24, 2012
Honestly, I would settle for a convertible if it is a good price. If nothing else, you could have some fun and then flip it if you did a coupe. I was VERY close to getting an 08 a couple years ago. Bought a mustang instead.
Patrick Schalk Oct 24, 2012
It is. I've have fun building it. I was actually looking for a 3rd gen Viper online a few weeks ago. Sucks that most of the third gens are convertibles though. I want a coupe. I'd kill for a viper
Shelby Cassandra Oct 24, 2012
@Patrick. Yeah I bet that Camaro in your pic is a blast to drive! As much as I am pro-muscle though, Lotus is incredibly fun to drive. It's kind of like driving a Viper with less balls. P.S. try looking for a Viper also. Found an 07 for 32k.
Patrick Schalk Oct 24, 2012
Hmmmm interesting. I'll have to keep an eye out for one. I have too many toys though! Ah!
Judah Lindvall Oct 24, 2012
I'm always looking at used elises and exsiges on eBay even tho I definitely can't afford one right now. I think u could get a pretty nice elise for around 25k
Shelby Cassandra Oct 24, 2012
It was in Nevada also. If that helps you find it.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 24, 2012
It was like 2-3 months since I looked, but it only needed a new front passenger side rim and quarter panel. Looked like the guy hit a curb going to fast and jacked it up a bit. I thought it was a great price but I can't afford another toy car.
Patrick Schalk Oct 24, 2012
How bad of shape was it in? I'd take any of em. If not I'd like to build one of those Caterham type kit cars.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 24, 2012
@Patrick. I seen a lightly damaged exige( I think exige) online with a salvage title for like 14k. You seem like you are knowledgable enough to fix a car. Look it up sometime.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 24, 2012
@Nodnarb. Yeah you're right about that. Used GT-R's are the same way
Nodnarb Ydil Oct 24, 2012
Only problem with buying a used Elise, is that it will most likely be ragged out. People like to drive em fast, and you can do that very easily with how light they are
Ryan Rainville Oct 24, 2012
Also evora is mid engine which for most drivers who are choosing between that and a 911 would make the evora a bit easier to drive quickly... Unless your a die hard Porsche driver who knows how the back heavy thing handles
Ryan Rainville Oct 24, 2012
They got the horse power figure wrong on the evora s it has 5 less horse power then the 911 and its 5k cheaper so 911 to evora s lines up nicely I don't get the 2nd comparison here
Tyler Tarbox Oct 24, 2012
You can get a used Elise for under 40K
Patrick Schalk Oct 24, 2012
If I could find a used one for cheap I would.
Sam Biggin Oct 24, 2012
Should try the Elise / exige
Patrick Schalk Oct 24, 2012
I wish they had a really low end bare bones model with like roll up windows. That'd be a fun weekend track car to have
Patrick Schalk Oct 24, 2012
If these weren't so expensive I'd buy one.
Serge Pankratov Oct 24, 2012
They look nice indeed
John Serely Oct 24, 2012
Such a good looking car! I've only seen 1 on the road
Tyler Tarbox Oct 25, 2012
I agree with that. It better be damn good then lol
Daniel Eads Oct 25, 2012
Also it's the only car ever to be MR, have a trunk and have a back seat.
Daniel Eads Oct 25, 2012
This is meant to be a drivers car. My point is that you really can't judge how it's priced until you drive it.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 25, 2012
@Daniel. Yes I know what the intentions of this car are. I mean why is it worth so much
Daniel Eads Oct 25, 2012
Performance and handling?
Tyler Tarbox Oct 25, 2012
Interior blows. Not really sure what exactly you're paying for with this car
Kyle Rawn Oct 25, 2012
The old Elises had a supercharged form of the NA 2zzge. Found in the Celica GTS. Think they made an extra 37 ponies but I'm not quite sure.
Tyler Tarbox Oct 25, 2012
The old Elise's had Celica motors I think
Jamie Mcpherson Oct 25, 2012
Lol, should say powered by Toyota!
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 24, 2012
That's right make sure no one can see that Camry engine in there