Comments - London Taxi Company Goes Bankrupt

Published: Oct 24, 2012
Description: In some cities, the taxi cabs are made from just about any car on the market. As long as it's big enough to carry a few passengers and their luggage in reasonable comfort, it's good enough t...
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Description: Known as the Hackney Carriage, the classically-styled taxis have been roaming the English capital for decades. These days they're built exclusively by The London Taxi Company (LTI), which manufac...
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Description: Mercedes-Benz recently began marketing its Vito van (modified with a four-wheel-steering system in order to meet London's tight turning-circle requirements) for the same purpose, and Nissan will ...
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Raymond Reynoso Oct 24, 2012
Apple green of outer boroughs? I've never once seen an apple green taxi in my life in the outer boroughs or manhattan.
Description: Geely is apparently not prepared to bail Manganese out of its debt, forcing it into bankruptcy administration - just like fellow British niche car companies Cosworth and Lola Cars. The only successful...
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Morgan Marcella Oct 24, 2012
Do you think they will make a Rolls-Royce taxi?
Thibault Leroy Oct 24, 2012
Same here in Paris. Ive even seen an S class once as a cab
Nick Schnee Oct 24, 2012
*cabs Damn autocorrect... >.<
Nick Schnee Oct 24, 2012
HERE in Germany, they use E-Classes as Cave...
Shelby Cassandra Oct 24, 2012
Oh man. I thought that was my house. Thanks for correcting me!
Christian De Prisco Oct 24, 2012
The tower of london
Nick Benz Oct 26, 2012
And he'll use his hat to eat soup out of after work.