Comments - Honda Debuts Fit Twist in Brazil

Published: Oct 24, 2012
Description: It's compact crossover time in Brazil this week, and following Volkswagen, Hyundai and Renault's mini-ute reveals at the Sao Paulo Motor Show, Honda has joined the party with its crossover s...
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Prince Huang Oct 24, 2012
Mistake: Jazz in MOST markets
Andrew Palmer Oct 25, 2012
I like...I think this is the only Honda model i do like the looks of.
Morgan Marcella Oct 24, 2012
It's pretty good
Description: It also gets 16-inch alloys, a restyled front grille, clear taillight fixtures and darkened headlamps. A largely unchanged interior includes new upholstery, waterproof carpeting in the boot, and chrom...
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Andrew Palmer Oct 25, 2012 there some exchange rate issues here? Also i assume this is flex fuel...isn't brazil all e85? Or whatever...mostly ethanol?
Matthew Crighton Oct 25, 2012
Wow...115HP! Thats around the same as my quad. And my quad is $22k cheaper and will last longer. Haha no one is going to buy it.
Dan Bousquet Oct 24, 2012
thats big money for such a little car
Matt Piccolo Oct 24, 2012
Yea for a 14 thousand dollar sub compact car the fit is almost unbeatable, but 28k? Ahah... NO
Raymond Reynoso Oct 24, 2012
$28,000 for a Fit?!?!? Insanity!!
Brendan Bell Oct 24, 2012
Reminds me of the sx4
Matt Piccolo Oct 24, 2012
Yea it does, and the Acura style grill looks nice!