Comments - Fisker Wraps the Karma for SEMA

Published: Oct 24, 2012
Description: The Fisker Karma may not be the first vehicle you think of when gearing up for the SEMA show, but Fisker is keen on tapping into the aftermarket scene, so it's bringing a quartet of its luxury h...
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Shelby Cassandra Oct 24, 2012
Amazing! I'd buy one of these if I could afford it right now.
Description: Four Scotchprint Wrap Film Series 1080 schemes will be on display for the Fisker Karma in Nevada. These include the "October Sun" style consisting of gloss burnt orange and brushed black met...
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Luis Miguel Lopez Oct 24, 2012
I like the colors. Much better than just the regular metallic ones.
Dylan Bruder Oct 24, 2012
I was gonna say the same thing it's festive
Aj White Oct 24, 2012
It looks evil and ready for Halloween
Nick Benz Oct 24, 2012
How bout a white stripe with that burnt orange?
Shelby Cassandra Oct 24, 2012
The taillights just look so sad.
Ron Vinson Oct 24, 2012
That's sinister!
Patrick Schalk Oct 24, 2012
Badass color. I wish I could get one of these and yank that turd motor out and put in a 392 Hemi.
Dillon Magee Oct 24, 2012
That looks nice
Dylan Bruder Oct 24, 2012
The karma just looks so good
Cody Gillard Oct 24, 2012
Very nice wish it was painted like that though
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Oct 24, 2012
Ohhh picture me rollin
Sonia Habimana Oct 24, 2012
I like this colour combo the most
Jon Wheel Oct 25, 2012
Saw L'Or Blanc for a second
John Serely Oct 24, 2012
I like this one