Comments - Watch How a Lincoln MKT is Turned into a Limo

Published: Oct 23, 2012
Description: Having posted plenty of stretched limo stories, we thought it time to share one that details how a regular passenger car - in this instance a Lincoln MKT Town Car - is transformed from a showroom stoc...
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Somto Onyechie Jun 24, 2013
This car is ugly mean and I say the price is$200
Jesse Andersen Oct 23, 2012
I don't feel like there is enough class to this like the old Lincoln Limos. Oh well, still ballin.
Description: In the following video, you'll see how 360 kg of additional steel, 4000 feet of wiring, 45 master craftsmen and 355 new electronic components are used to stretch the Lincoln by ten feet.
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Sakshi Narula Dec 03, 2013
Max Ignatyev Oct 23, 2012
The town cars looked is this new shit?
Mike Bakhsheshi Oct 23, 2012
Agree with you Jackson
John Serely Oct 23, 2012
The town car is still 10times better IMO
Thibault Leroy Oct 23, 2012
That was an interesting vid
Jackson Mergler Oct 23, 2012
As if the original car wasn't ugly enough they went and did this
Jordan Jackson Oct 24, 2012
Where as the flex is just a big box, with no allusions of being anything else
Jordan Jackson Oct 24, 2012
Nah, the flex looks better IMO, this looks like clay model got stretched and give to a group of stray cats as a scratching post
Michael Nascimento Oct 24, 2012
I like it. Not too flashy but still luxurious looking.
Logan Delony Oct 24, 2012
In a way, it is better than the ford fridge
Jordan Jackson Oct 23, 2012
And my dad try's to tell me this is better looking than a Flex, lol