Comments - Twin-Turbo Lambo/Viper Showdown

Published: Oct 23, 2012
Description: It's no coincidence that the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Dodge Viper are two of the only cars on the market with V10 engines: Chrysler owned Lamborghini at the time of the Gallardo's develo...
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Jake Trumbull Mar 08, 2013
The viper motor was "borrowed" from the ram division back when viper was an idea. They did own lambo at the time and lambo helped redo the truck v10 heads for sport car use.
Alex Renaud Oct 24, 2012
Tin is correct (not Tim).
Tim Puckett Oct 23, 2012
No car buzz is right the a v10 was developed by Lamborghini for the viper however that v10 is not the one in the gallardo
JB Kolod Oct 23, 2012
Yeah I read that and immediately knew it was wrong. The gallardo was the first son of VW->Audi->Lamborghini. Chrysler was not in the equation
David Gray Oct 23, 2012
Not like CarBuzz to get their facts wrong is it?!
Aaron Crisp Oct 23, 2012
And that's why I love Viper :)
Thibault Leroy Oct 23, 2012
Well thats why i love audi!
Tin Nguyen Oct 23, 2012
Mark is correct. The v10 found in the R8 is the same engine used in the Gallardo.
Tin Nguyen Oct 23, 2012
Wrong info carbuzz. Chrysler did not develope the v10 in Gallardo. Audi did. Chrysler sold Lambo in 1994. Audi purchased Lambo from investors in Malaysia and Singapore in 1998. Gallardo was first introduced in 2003 as a 2004 model.
Nick Benz Oct 23, 2012
I believe you are correct!
Description: We've run plenty of drag races, but none are as close as this. In fact it comes down to a photo finish with only the width of a front lip spoiler separating the two awesome sportscars. Check out ...
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Dylan Boudreaux Oct 25, 2012
I blame the driver of the lambo. Horrible start.
Adam Page Oct 25, 2012
I was expecting the viper to eat him up but that race was close as hell! Very good race!
Alexandre Jodoin Oct 24, 2012
Slowest gallardo start ever.... Un civic l'aurait passé sur le 1/8
Diamadi Haralambous Oct 24, 2012
Love them both so much - but I was expecting the gallardo to win even though I wanted the viper to win - and it did
Byakka Hirakawa Oct 24, 2012
Love both of them But the lambo lost due to shiftin
Matthew Crighton Oct 24, 2012
Viper baby!!! I would have been disapointed uf the Lambo won. They look cool but honestly just arent as awesome as a viper. And Gallardos are too common. I've seen a couple Gallardos and I live in Alberta where no one drives anything but pickups.
Bernard Green Oct 23, 2012
It was a roll race and the distance is 1/2 mile.
Zeke Alanis Oct 23, 2012
Viper all the way
Serge Pankratov Oct 23, 2012
Its not weird.. There are far fewer Vipers made than Gallaordos..
Anthony Cordova Oct 23, 2012
The Lambo driver did not do the car any justice
Barry Boo Wilson Oct 23, 2012
Wtf kind of race was that? Rolling start 1/8 mile?
Chris Huff Oct 23, 2012
Wait, nevermind
Chris Huff Oct 23, 2012
I noticed it was an older lambo
Lou Guerrero Oct 23, 2012
I find it weird that I see more Lambos that Vipers where I live.
Craig Lafey Oct 23, 2012
What a race!!! So close!! Damn
Thomas Mackey Oct 23, 2012
I'd say the viper has more potential. Bigger displacement = torque.
Shelby Cassandra Oct 23, 2012
Viper all the way!
Serge Pankratov Oct 23, 2012
Damn! Im not a Viper fan at all but that was insane! Halfway through he just started pullin like a damn train!!
Aaron Crisp Oct 23, 2012
Viper power! And he got stung. But if they raced again it could be anyone's race.
Michael Riley Oct 23, 2012
Lambo did not have a bad start. If you read the article you'll find it's a rolling start not a dead-stop start. Watch the video again and you'll see that they both accelerate at the same time.
Nick Benz Oct 23, 2012
Yea but watch the lambo when he upshifts. It rocks back and forth
Matt Piccolo Oct 23, 2012
Lambo didn't have a very good start...
Tobias Mersinger Oct 23, 2012
The lambo was sooo slow off the line. My granny would manage a better start and shes dead!
Thomas Mackey Oct 23, 2012
What a race! Viper is King!
Adam Gray Oct 23, 2012
Ok that what I thought. As anyone even converted a viper to an AWD set up?
Mike Puno Oct 23, 2012
Viper FTW!!! Can't wait for a new vid with the new SRT.
Paul Dickey Oct 23, 2012
It's a viper so I'm guessing rwd.
Adam Gray Oct 23, 2012
Looks like the viper had him by a hair. Wonder if the viper was RWD or AWD?
Robert Young Nov 09, 2012
I live and & work in Dallas! Go cowboys!
omarSV Oct 24, 2012
lol @jorgen agreed
Keenan Casteel Oct 23, 2012
@Jörgen Agreed.
Brandon Carr Oct 23, 2012
Haha true jorgen.
Jörgen Nilsson Oct 23, 2012
A stock 2002? With what, 350 hp? In that case the Superleggera was toying with you.
Colby Church Oct 23, 2012
I raced a Superleggera a few days ago. It was fast, I kept right beside him until 90mph and then he started pulling me and got me by a car length before we both let off. It was a good match. And my car is a stock 2002 Corvette 6 speed with 91k miles.
Tobias Mersinger Oct 23, 2012
This would be my pick, even though it got bitten by the Viper. Still faster than most cars. Way too fast for your everyday needs if you ask me.
Patrick Schalk Oct 23, 2012
That's a damn good looking gallardo though
Robert Young Nov 09, 2012
Love it!
Aj White Oct 25, 2012
Adam is right because the first gens were strictly roadsters. The second gen introduced the GTS coupe style which is absolutely sexy!
Adam Solomon Oct 24, 2012
This is actually 2nd gen...just saying
Tim Preisinger Oct 23, 2012
These are my personal favorite too
Matt Piccolo Oct 23, 2012
I like these older ones better than the new ones... I think they messed up the new one
Thomas Mackey Oct 23, 2012
I have to disagree. The 1st was one of the best!
Robert Young Nov 09, 2012
I want it!
Aj White Oct 25, 2012
Gotta love that profile