Comments - Renault Unveils DCross Concept in Brazil

Published: Oct 23, 2012
Description: If you know your European budget SUVs, you might take a look at this vehicle and think it looks like a Dacia Duster. And for good reason, because it's closely based on the Duster. So closely, in ...
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Wissam Nasr Oct 26, 2012
In some market Renault sells the Duster under the Renault brand, not Dacia. Nevertheless it's a good car.
Jesse Williams Oct 23, 2012
This looks like it could be the next Dodge Nitro.
Frederick Perez Oct 23, 2012
Looks like Nissan Xterra
Victor Pitts Oct 23, 2012
Isn't this pretty much the same thing Nissan revealed? That weird crossover? Renault still owns Nissan I believe.
Kyron Smarçaro Oct 23, 2012
Maybe this is only a "base project" for the next gen Duster.
Nick Schnee Oct 23, 2012
Absolutely, Burak. This is a total copy of the current Duster (and yes I know Renault and Dacia is basically the same.).
Burak Topçu Oct 23, 2012
This is Dacia Duster!!!!!
Matthew Crighton Oct 23, 2012
The front is just a rip off of the new land rovers. And honestly, its not as good either.
Description: Distinguishing the DCross from the Duster are unique touches like a two-tone paint job that's bright green up front and matte black in the back for a mullet-like approach. It also has a big brush...
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Edgar Jauregui Oct 24, 2012
i like the Duster we're getting here in Mexico; the reviews are being good to it. However, the fact 4x4 models aren't an option and the engine (133 hp) are what keep me from considering it. If we had 4x4 and a beefier engine, I'd get one :)
stacey sl Oct 23, 2012
i love this, to bad it wont be in canada
Ben Peter Cullinger Oct 24, 2012
I'm in a agreeance
Patrick Schalk Oct 23, 2012
I actually kinda like it but I feel like they need to tone it down a bit.
Ben Peter Cullinger Oct 23, 2012
I don't know what I think about this really !