Posted on: Oct 23, 2012
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Renault Unveils DCross Concept in Brazil

Dacia Duster gets a makeover for its trip to Brazil.
If you know your European budget SUVs, you might take a look at this vehicle and think it looks like a Dacia Duster. And for good reason, because it's closely based on the Duster. So closely, in fact, that it essentially is a Duster with a fresh coat of paint. But what you're actually looking at is the Renault DCross concept. Unveiled alongside the Clio Mercosur and Fluence GT at the Sao Paulo Motor Show, the Renault DCross brings Dacia's SUV to a market in which it doesn't directly compete.

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Distinguishing the DCross from the Duster are unique touches like a two-tone paint job that's bright green up front and matte black in the back for a mullet-like approach. It also has a big brush guard on the front, side steps under the doors, beefier mirrors, a roof-rail system that incorporates the spare tire and a few other distinctions. The DCross isn't the only compact crossover concept to debut at the Brazilian auto expo, however, having been joined by sister-company Nissan's Extrem concept and rival Volkswagen's Taigun.

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