Posted on: Oct 23, 2012
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Lambo Rules Out Aventador GT 2+2

As it turns out, Lamborghini was considering a four-seat version of the Aventador, but is not proceeding with development.
Despite a rumor that was circulating the web earlier this month, Lamborghini chief Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed to UK publication Autocar that a 2+2 GT version of the Aventador is not going to happen. His comments were made at the Sao Paulo Motor Show, currently taking place in Brazil. Winkelmann did say that a stretched Aventador was discussed among Lamborghini officials, but that such a car hasn't gone any further than some sketches on the drawing board.

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However, the smooth-talking and snappy-dressed Lambo chief did confirm that there's "a lot in the pipeline for the Aventador". The first is expected to be an open-top roadster version to debut at the Geneva show in March. A more extreme SuperVeloce version is tipped to debut sometime after the roadster. Beyond these two variants, Lamborghini hasn't given any additional clues regarding the Aventador's future, but since it's on a supposed 10-year product cycle, we're still expecting several variants to arrive along the way.


by Jay Traugott
Lambo Rules Out Aventador GT 2+2

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