Comments - Hyundai HB20 and HB20X Debut in Brazil

Published: Oct 23, 2012
Description: Hyundai has unveiled its new HB20 subcompact and HB20X crossover models at the Sao Paulo Motor Show in Brazil. The new HB range will be Hyundai's first family of cars specifically designed for t...
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Jordan Jackson Oct 23, 2012
Umm, Hyundai is Korean, not Japanese lol
Description: The HB 20 namplate combines the initials of Hyundai Brazil with the 20 from the Hyundai i20 sold in Europe, whose fluidic sculpture design language has influenced the HB20's styling. Hyundai says...
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Description: Engine choices for the HB20 include 80hp 1.0-liter and 128hp 1.6-liter flex-fuel units mated to a 5-speed manual. A 4-speed automatic can be specified on the 1.6 or on the HB20X crossover model. The f...
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Edgar Jauregui Oct 23, 2012
Good looking little car
Logan Delony Oct 24, 2012
.. Where did you get that from? xD
Bala Uncc Oct 23, 2012
The dash looks like a girl laid on a bed