Comments - Hublot Celebrates F1's Return to USA

Published: Oct 23, 2012
Description: It's about time that F1 returns to America. At least that's what Hublot seems to be saying with this exclusive timepiece. Never mind that the proposed Grand Prix of America in New Jersey has...
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Morgan Marcella Oct 23, 2012
How fast does this F1 watch go?
Matt Piccolo Oct 23, 2012
Too busy IMO... I'll take my own
Nick Benz Oct 23, 2012
Nice. The bezel is a drilled disc!
Description: The F1 King Power Austin features an oversized 48-milimeter titanium case with a brake-disc bezel rendered in titanium and carbon fiber, and screws fashioned from titanium and black resin. Underneath ...
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Noah Gavurin Apr 26, 2013
@gianni, this is a hublot, im pretty sure they used the real stuff
Gianni Falzone Oct 27, 2012
Lol@ Bailey. "Jewels" doesn't mean there are precious gemstones in there. Jewels are apart of the movement to reduce friction on moving parts. They are synthetic rubies. They aren't gemstones.
Bailey McLendon Oct 24, 2012
I'd rather have a watch that looks like that without the jewels which would a lower price.
Chris Andrews Oct 24, 2012
30k aint that much for hublot
statusone Oct 24, 2012
I'd rather buy like... I you know... A car. lollllllll
Paul Trahan Oct 23, 2012
The urwerks watch that I love is 200K
Jason Brown Oct 23, 2012
That's actually cheap for this brand.
Matt Piccolo Oct 23, 2012
Yea 30k? I know it's a special edition but my watches which both cost A LOT less than 30 grand look better lol
Griffin Ross Oct 23, 2012
30 grand?? I'd rather have an frs.
Jason Brown Oct 23, 2012
Awesome. I prefer the Manchester model.
Peter Hyo Bolivar Oct 23, 2012
Yeah but its sooo expensive..
Aj White Oct 23, 2012
Absolutely gorgeous timepiece