Comments - 2014 Fiesta Sedan Debuts in Brazil

Published: Oct 23, 2012
Description: Ford has taken the occasion of the Sao Paulo Motor Show, taking place this week in Brazil, to introduce its facelifted 2014 Fiesta sedan. As expected, it has been awarded with the same Aston-inspired ...
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Zack Herzer Oct 23, 2012
Ford fiesta = Aston Martin (no)
Bala Uncc Oct 23, 2012
The grill looks odd
Ethan Amo Oct 23, 2012
Looks pretty damn good to me
Tanton Stoneman Oct 23, 2012
It's a mini fusion!!!!
Description: Ford also installed new components for the suspension and chassis, and recalibrated the electronic power assist steering system. The 2014 Ford Fiesta Sedan will be offered in Brazil with a 1.6-liter f...
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Chris Friend Oct 24, 2012
Audi R8's are hot messes in the rear quarters. The new Ford design standard is nice, but some cars don't work with it. This is one of those
Jason Brown Oct 24, 2012
Seems the trend for all auto manufactures is to make every vehicle lineup look similar to each other. Could be good and bad...
Jim Walker Oct 24, 2012
Are ford going all Aston Martin with their Grills? Doesn't really work does it?
Tim Puckett Oct 23, 2012
@tyler cuz I gotta 40 in my ford fiesta
Tyler Ray DeFord Oct 23, 2012
The hatchback is 10x better looking. But still, why would you get this over the Focus.
Paul M Miller Oct 23, 2012
My turds look nicer than this ...
Joel Hayes Oct 23, 2012
The R8 is nothing less than gorgeous
Rockesh Boulder Oct 23, 2012
Im 12. And you just read my mind Dhruv
Stephen Cobbs Oct 23, 2012
The grille kills it for me.
Ryan Todd Oct 23, 2012
I like it and it looks good imo
Dylan Scheible Oct 23, 2012
It look just like the old one, ugly as sin
Daniel Eads Oct 23, 2012
This thing is not bad, so by your reasoning the r8 is fantastic!
gunter Oct 23, 2012
what an ugly car it looks even worse than an audi R8 !!!!
Sam Oglesby Oct 24, 2012
Honey I shrunk the mondeo