Comments - VW Reveals Taigun Concept in Brazil

Published: Oct 22, 2012
Description: Just the other day we brought you reports that Volkswagen was considering a smaller SUV to slot in below the Tiguan. In our iPhone poll, voting was just about split as to whether VW should make one or...
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Sandra Brits Dec 25, 2012
Great looker!!! BUT,PLEASE, PLEASE: Add a 5-door version!
Brandon Olsen Oct 23, 2012
I think this is great, honestly Vw puts out some simple yet beautiful designs.
Lead Peddalin Oct 23, 2012
I prefer the Polo SUV from a few days ago to this.
Lead Peddalin Oct 23, 2012
@Brandon you are an idiot.
Adam Page Oct 23, 2012
Nah, the suckers go for Toyotas...
Brandon Bairian Oct 22, 2012
A suckers born every minute and they go out and buy a vw the next.
Brendan Bell Oct 22, 2012
I like it, it looks clean cut but rugged
Thibault Leroy Oct 22, 2012
XD they just switched the letters of the tiguan
Tara Landry Boudreaux Oct 22, 2012
That front should be on all new VWs has a Audi look to it, a sharper look that VW needs
David Jefferis Oct 22, 2012
Like this very much - neat and tidy basics, making an ideal base for aftermarket add-ons.
JB Kolod Oct 22, 2012
lol this thing is hilarious, I hope they build it
Sebastian Grey Oct 22, 2012
Worst name for a gogomobile ever.
Scott Crim Oct 22, 2012
OVerall the images here, I really like this little copact. the interior is a bit too flashy and hope its toned down or at least more focused (too many bold colors to be put together). Seems seriously underpowered though and really would love to see the Tiguan's 2.0T offered at least as an option. it would more successfully compete with other sporty compacts like the Escape which currently tops the...
Scott Crim Oct 22, 2012
@ Brady: I definitely agree there. This is smaller and yet feels more rugged with its skid plates and slightly sharper lines.
Brady Williams Oct 22, 2012
Would like to see the Tiguan with this kind of design
Description: Unveiled today at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show, the Taigun concept has styling that jives with the company's conservative design language. Aside from the more horizontal grille and skid...
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Kyle Kloewer Oct 23, 2012
Or one suitable for Dakar
Adam Page Oct 22, 2012
Tiny engine... How bout making a diesel version?
Description: It also features a two-part split tailgate that opens downward (1/3) and upward (2/3) for easy loading and unloading of its 280-liter cargo bay (or 987 liters with the rear seats folded down)....
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Michael Roberts Oct 22, 2012
Looks great I hope they build it and don't dumb it down too much for production and a bigger engine would tick all the boxes then
Tara Landry Boudreaux Oct 22, 2012
Very nice looking for a compact suv
Brandon Olsen Oct 23, 2012
Sick, I would buy this truck and I usually don't like small trucks that much.
Scott Crim Oct 22, 2012
I agree. I hope the Tiguan's 2.0T would at least be offered as an option. that would make for a very sporty and competent compact SUV and doesn't seem too far fetched.
Michael Beach Oct 22, 2012
Even though it looks small, a 1.0L is too small of an engine. This thing won't be able to get out of its own way.
Adam Page Oct 22, 2012
@Scott, I doubt they will because I it will probably increase production costs on a car that's built for a smaller budget.
Joel Hayes Oct 22, 2012
Well you can tell its a concept
Scott Crim Oct 22, 2012
black, white, neon yellow green and bright baby blue, too much boldness that just doesn't fit together. Though I seriously doubt it would, I really hope this interior doesn't reach production in these colors