Comments - Mini Rows Out Cabrio Boat at Boston Regatta

Published: Oct 22, 2012
Description: Mini has spun its original hatchback into a whole mess of body-styles: convertibles, wagons, coupes, crossovers, with more to come... but a boat? That's exactly what Mini had in store for the Hea...
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Chris Penza Oct 22, 2012
I know this lake. I was looking at it once then a 599 soared by me
Nick Schnee Oct 22, 2012
The wheels should be spinng when it swims, that would make it complete.
Description: The boat was built out of fiberglass by ACI Composites out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which used a 2004 Mini hatchback as its template and fitted it with trim pieces and components supplied by the fa...
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Bill Estep Jr Oct 23, 2012
Haters gonna Hate
Ethan Amo Oct 22, 2012
Just plain weird to me