Comments - Gumpert Has a New Buyer

Published: Oct 22, 2012
Description: Between Artega, Melkus, De Tomaso, Lola and Cosworth, we've been saddened to report on a number of small European sportscar and racecar manufacturing declaring bankruptcy lately. So it comes as g...
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Donnie Oct 23, 2012
Thats good news the apollo is one of the greatest supercars of today I love how simple and pure it is just like a race car.
Ricardo TheMonster Taveras Oct 22, 2012
So syked this made my day I was so upset at first when they went down hill
Dillon Magee Oct 22, 2012
That made my day.
Dylan Bruder Oct 22, 2012
Yes! Great news
Paul Dickey Oct 22, 2012
Yes! Favorite boutique car maker!
Brian Johnston Oct 22, 2012
Yes!!! I love this car.
Matt Piccolo Oct 22, 2012
Apollo"" dumb auto correct
Matt Piccolo Oct 22, 2012
Me too!! I love yhe Appalo
Donte Perino Oct 22, 2012
That's great! I really want to see Gumpert come back.
Matt Piccolo Oct 22, 2012
Where do u see accord in this XD
Taylor Garry Oct 22, 2012 totally looks like a riced accord in person. I almost made fun of the guy who owned it
John M Weishahn Oct 22, 2012
It's so ugly that you MUST be driving it for its performance characteristics. I only wonder if people would think it's just a way riced accord.
Isaac Taylor Oct 22, 2012
This isn't really the type of car I say beautiful il just say fast!
Brady Fereday Oct 22, 2012
I want them to find a tunnel already and drive it upside down lol xD
Ryan Rainville Oct 22, 2012
I love the Apollo it's a devastatingly fast piece of no compromise engineering I think it looks amazing the whole entire body is designed for down force and aerodynamic efficiency
Description: Beautiful it is not, but the Gumpert Apollo is a massively capable supercar, with a twin-turbo 4.2-liter V8 with between 650 and 800 horsepower (depending on spec) for a 0-62 time starting at 3.1 seco...
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Thibault Leroy Oct 23, 2012
Yeah i hope VW buys gumpert. And im tired of people calling it ugly just because they called it ugly on top gear. This car is amazing and it looks great.
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 22, 2012
After all, why spend the time, money and energy building and improving your brand name when you can just buy an already established one and use it to bump your own... Just sayin....
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 22, 2012
Time and time again they parachute into a company that.. Lets be honest, is not performing at its height anymore, and they turn around an make them profitable... Something no American brand caught onto... Now China or India, they could be real buyers
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 22, 2012
Why is VW creating a new lower tier brand to sell their cars under when they already have a lower tier brand known as Skoda? Look... VW if nothing else should be viewed as a brand savior...
Dillon Magee Oct 22, 2012
Idk, but I'm crossing my fingers for vw.
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 22, 2012
Im willing to bet that whoever buys this company is going to be Chinese or Indian or some other foreign company that no one has ever heard of. Why would vw buy this when they already have Porsche and Lamborghini.
Paul Dickey Oct 22, 2012
GM would ruin this company.
John Garcia Oct 22, 2012
I have a feeling VW will end up buying this as well. However, I don't know who suggested GM but of all manufacturers please NOT General Motors.
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 22, 2012
Audi is so entrenched...
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 22, 2012
Audi is spoke entrenched already with Apollo... It only makes sense for VW... Aka... Audi to sweep them up... As for the Ford Comment... They dumped everything they had years ago... And I doubt they'll dabble again with anything other than an Oval...
Das Stig Oct 22, 2012
bmw should definitely buy gumpert.
Stephen Tyler Learn Oct 22, 2012
Mazda should buy them and use it as a platform to resurrect the rotary
Nick Schnee Oct 22, 2012
If GM buys it, it'll be ruined. I don't want to see Gumpert building rebadged Chryslers or something with Corvette engines.
Jack Dransfield Oct 22, 2012
Audi should buy it
John Serely Oct 22, 2012
I would love VW to buy it. They would bring a lot to the company
Jordan Jackson Oct 22, 2012
I agree, I'd rather see a company like Ford start buying these companies again, cuz Lincoln ain't cutting it, lol
Matt Piccolo Oct 22, 2012
I agree I don't want vw to buy it either... They have enough auto makers in their books
Dylan Gomes Oct 22, 2012
i hate it when people call the Gumpert Apollo ugly when it really isnt
Redge Diakité Oct 22, 2012
Maybe it's Audi as you know all Roland Gumpert was with THE Audi Team in rally and Audi gives their V8 ;)
Ty Schuring Oct 22, 2012
IMO looks fantastic and sexy
Colby Church Oct 22, 2012
Hey, I wouldn't mind driving one. Pretty badass if you ask me.
sahib.singh.925602 Jul 18, 2013
'Keenan casteel' im with u ill take this car over any car anyday
Keenan Casteel Oct 22, 2012
One of the best paint schemes around. I'd take this over the Agera. Call me crazy.
Matthew Crighton Oct 22, 2012
Ya i like that. An that scoop is BA
Shelby Cassandra Oct 22, 2012
That is a giant scoop!
Colby Church Oct 22, 2012
Boogity boogity boogity, let's go racing!
Isaac Rezkalla Oct 23, 2012
This one looks really fast. No huge wing to drag it down and flat rims for air dynamics. Kinda looks like a drag car.
Alex Renaud Oct 22, 2012
That's interesting, Colby, because that's what I said about my wife when I first met her.
Colby Church Oct 22, 2012
Strange wheels, and a peculiar rear also.