Comments - Formula Truck Racer Survives Crash

Published: Oct 22, 2012
Description: Ever notice those run-off ramps by the side of the highway? They're there in case a truck's brakes fail, but they don't have those in the Brazilian Formula Truck Series. Just some tire ...
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Description: The grass had little effect on the race-spec semi, which actually gets airborne before crashing through the barrier, plummeting 50 feet to a mangled stop. Beuno managed to survive the crash, suffering...
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Antonio Falsetti Oct 23, 2012
Meant to say people not fans people.
Antonio Falsetti Oct 23, 2012
Luck there were no fans people behind that barrier.
Bill Estep Jr Oct 23, 2012
I've never seen a semi jump at 120 mph
Craig Lafey Oct 23, 2012
Nvm brakes failed
Craig Lafey Oct 23, 2012
So glad he survived that! That's crazy. Did it say what happened that caused it?
Brandon Bairian Oct 22, 2012
Maybe go w a little lighter class like spec miata or sumthin
Christopher Wright Oct 22, 2012
Only in a Volvo!!!
Ryan Spencer Oct 22, 2012
Holy crap. Nothing but trees is a scary prospect...
Brendan Bell Oct 22, 2012
All I can say is it's a good thing it was a volvo. That was one hell of a crash
Ritchie Streeter Oct 22, 2012
Just another reason why these things shouldn't be raced.
Michael Riley Oct 22, 2012
I think what he did was the best decision, if he had scraped the guard rail I think he would've crashed anyways and also enangered fans and other drivers.
Lucas Guarnaccio Oct 22, 2012
I know he didn't have much time to think, but it would probably have been better if he gradually scraped against the guardrail instead of going head on into it. Also, did he attempt downshifting?
DjVegar No Imitations Oct 22, 2012
The things that must have went thru his mind at that point he realises the brakes had failed damn that shit cray
Lee Gardner Oct 22, 2012
He cut the track in an effort to slow down
Sam Oglesby Oct 22, 2012
How the hell did he survive that
Alex Medvedev Oct 22, 2012
Next time don't cut the trqck
Dylan Bruder Oct 22, 2012
Holy crap talk about scary
Walker Carroll Oct 22, 2012
Damn! He couldn't do anything to stop that.