Comments - Subaru BRZ Club Racer by PBMS

Published: Oct 21, 2012
Description: Subaru teamed up with New Zealand-based racing company Possum Bourne Motor Sport to create this customized BRZ that has just been unveiled at the 2012 Australian Motor Show. The BRZ Race Car comes in ...
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Ray Buscombe Oct 21, 2012
No engine mods at this stage but it's a nice platform.
Jim Walker Oct 21, 2012
Go Possum Bourne Motor Sports! Well done picking up this commission - Kiwi's certainly know how to make Subies fly!
Donnie Oct 23, 2012
Dam that looks sharp would love too hit a rally stage in that.
William Downs Oct 21, 2012
@molly.. No one said it was a hood scoop, we all know its a roof scoop and what it's for
Molly James Bell-Baker Oct 21, 2012
The "roof scoop" is for ventilation in the cabin...look up a spec C STI. It's not a "hood scoop"
Logan Delony Oct 21, 2012
Those rims are so cool on subaru's
Matt Piccolo Oct 21, 2012
This looks awesome! I love the wheels :)
William Downs Oct 21, 2012
This looked stupid with the roof scoop till I read an found out its an actual race car, so it's all good
Morgan Marcella Oct 21, 2012
The gold rims are perfect for this car
Walter Robinson Oct 21, 2012
Front engine race cars have roof scoops to cool the interior!
Owen Tiernan Oct 21, 2012
Unless that roof scoop actually serves a function... get it off!
Thibault Leroy Oct 21, 2012
I think they fit the impreza better
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 21, 2012
I love those rims!!!
Description: Additional components are included in the second package, such as 18-inch Enkei alloys, a Cusco adjustable coilover suspension, APS front and rear discs and calipers, an STI handbrake lever and lightw...
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Jim Walker Oct 21, 2012
BRZ looks great in this colour and with the gold wheels, but what kind of power enhancements are available? Turbo? larger capacity? STi components?
Matt Piccolo Oct 21, 2012
I agree William
William Downs Oct 21, 2012
Needs different tips, those ones look stupid
Raymond Reynoso Oct 21, 2012
They are clean aren't they?
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 21, 2012
Pipes is clean....
Kyle Rawn Oct 21, 2012
We never said he was an idiot. We're just trolling :P
Dylan Knapp Oct 21, 2012
Everybody knows that Dartz makes the rx-8
Judah Lindvall Oct 21, 2012
So u guys wouldn't care if he said Mazda RX-8 but because he said RX-8 "by" Mazda he's an idiot?
Matt Piccolo Oct 21, 2012
@ Michael, this is a Subaru not a Honda lol
Michael N' Lindsey Hyer Oct 21, 2012
Roof scoop helps the v-tec kick in
Kyle Rawn Oct 21, 2012
He did. Didn't he?
Sebastian Grey Oct 21, 2012
Frankie Ferreira Oct 21, 2012
What do roof scoops even do? :$$$
Kyle Rawn Oct 21, 2012
I thought Aston Martin made the rx-8! What's going on?
Matt Piccolo Oct 21, 2012
@ Chris, oh I thought it looked like the rx-8 by Nissan!
John Serely Oct 21, 2012
I think they should have painted the roof scoop blue
Chris Huff Oct 21, 2012
From this angle it looks a little like the rx-8 by mazda with the rear
Brandon Bairian Oct 21, 2012
Alcantra dash? This is good
Kyle Janchenko Oct 21, 2012
Sparco cup. Can't go wrong.
Paul Pickard Oct 21, 2012
That interior looks legit.