Comments - Porsche Still Considering 960 Supercar

Published: Oct 21, 2012
Description: Porsche has long been rumored to be looking at the possibility of building a new high-performance sports car more powerful than the 911 to rival the Ferrari 458 Italia. Now that the 918 Spyder is almo...
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Dillon Magee Oct 21, 2012
Still, another Porsche super car would be awesome.
Dillon Magee Oct 21, 2012
The GT2 RS kinda competed with the 458, no?
Jon Wheel Oct 21, 2012
At that price, it should destroy a 458
Nick Schnee Oct 21, 2012
Then again, they should return to 24 Heures du Mans with an LMP1 team... IDK what I'd like to see more.
Nick Schnee Oct 21, 2012
Yeah... New Porsche supercar vs. 458 vs. MP4 is gonna be epic.
Sebastian Grey Oct 21, 2012
No. Too much for a Porsche.
Siya Fadane Oct 22, 2012
My eyes like this ( The GT used to give me pink eye) is there a functional concept or is this still in the mind?
Adam Beiersdorfer Oct 21, 2012
Hey... You see those wheels with rubber things around them... That looks like some other car I've seen before... What a bunch of hacks...
Morgan Marcella Oct 21, 2012
No Ferrari in this
Jon Wheel Oct 21, 2012
Not even comparable to Ferrari
Augie Schroer Oct 21, 2012
Just look at the logo "Porsche"
Nick Schnee Oct 21, 2012
I don't even see the F430 in the lights. I see pure Porsche.
William Downs Oct 21, 2012
I see zero Ferrari anywhere on this car
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Oct 21, 2012
Looks good... And lots of supercars look similar due to the necessity. If they tried doing funky styling just for being unique, then the aerodynamics and performance would be compromised.
Description: In other words, it would be significantly cheaper than the 918, but that much more expensive than even the top of the 911 range - or the 458. Muller gave little in the way of details, but the fact tha...
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Victor Pitts Oct 21, 2012
I'm thinking more around 750-800. Lol
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Oct 21, 2012
I hope its more in the 700 hp dange cause the GT2-RS is less than an itslia and it has 615
Description: Now that Porsche has been fully integrated into the Volkswagen Group, the project could share its platform with the next Audi R8 and Lamborghini's upcoming Gallardo replacement. If Porsche were t...
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Sebastian Grey Oct 21, 2012
There is no way they can move that many units at the price range they have selected.
Morgan Marcella Oct 21, 2012
I like the side exhaust
Victor Pitts Oct 21, 2012
Epic. Reminds me of a Carrera GT
Tracy Keiser Dron Oct 21, 2012
Porsche 100%... And I love it!!!!!
Brandon Olsen Oct 22, 2012
Looks like a gt40 and a konigsegg had a baby; not looking like Porsche.
Michael Dunn Oct 21, 2012
It's a 918 spyder
Augie Schroer Oct 21, 2012
What's that car to the far left