Comments - Aussie Invader Aims to Beat Bloodhound to 1000 MPH

Published: Oct 21, 2012
Description: It appears the British Bloodhound SSC has a fight on its hands to break the world land speed record and the 1,000mph speed barrier with Australian team, Aussie Invader, launching a campaign with ident...
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Sam Biggin Oct 22, 2012
Needs go faster stripes
Hektor Yberg Oct 21, 2012
And fire decals!
Taylor J. Blake Oct 21, 2012
Needs a #3 on the sides for maximum speed
Barry Boo Wilson Oct 21, 2012
Matter of time till this goes very very bad.
Description: The $4 million car, which weighs 9,000kg fully fueled, will produce 62,000 pounds of thrust,(equivalent to approximately 200,000 horsepower), and is predicted to hit 1,000mph in 20 seconds. Its solid ...
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Sam Biggin Oct 22, 2012
Just need to get the mondeo down to halfords then il take that record next week
Jesse Andersen Oct 22, 2012
I'm bout to get in on this. First American to a thousand here.
Hesham Hanna Oct 21, 2012
4 million that's less that an f1 car
Thibault Leroy Oct 21, 2012
Yeah it will be interesting to see who gets there firsr
Darian Vorlick Oct 21, 2012
Finally some good land speed competition.
Michael Henderson Oct 22, 2012
Yank the handbrake
Morgan Marcella Oct 21, 2012
How is it gonna stop?
Michael Dunn Oct 21, 2012
Why is there a random caravan in the background haha.
Brandon Scobell Oct 22, 2012
it has s formula 1 engine thats serves as a fuel pump.
Edgar Jauregui Oct 21, 2012
Hahahahaha xD that description!
Mark Newfangled Oct 21, 2012
Mark Webber is going to drive it.
Mike Carbaugh Oct 21, 2012
Will this be street legal?
Logan Delony Oct 21, 2012
Holy crap! xDD lolol
Thibault Leroy Oct 21, 2012
Hahaha xD lmfao
Mark Hammer Oct 21, 2012
Ima firin mah lazers!
Darian Vorlick Oct 21, 2012
Lol now I can't unsee that description.
Redge Diakité Oct 21, 2012
This picture makes me laugh my a** off it looks like a Black person's face spitting flames like a flamethrower :D